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Second City and DePaul University to Offer Comedy Filmmaking Classes, As Though Your Screenwriting Degree Isn’t Already a Joke

Good news, improv-fans! In a groundbreaking policy change, Second City and DePaul University are teaming up to offer a special degree program for comedy filmmaking, as though your screenwriting degree isn’t laughable enough. These classes are a first of their kind, and will hopefully usher in a new era of DPU-Second City collaboration, as well as a new era of disappointing your parents.

The DePaul School of Cinematic Arts worked hard developing this new opportunity for their students. As a program devoted to equipping their students with real-world job skills and the most embarrassing degree possible, giving their students the ability to work with the legendary improv studio and acting school that is Second City seemed like a logical arrangement. But working out such a complicated program took time.

“Yes, there was definitely a lot of moving parts in setting up the school’s comedy filmmaking program,” says David Beswick, the College of Computing and Digital Media’s Director of Shameful Degrees. “We had to negotiate on pricing with Second City, work out which classes they were eligible to teach, and discuss whose degree would be most ridiculous-looking to our student’s future employers and extended family.”

The students of the DePaul film school are thrilled with the ability to “study” improv comedy at Second City, as though that was a real set of skills one could learn. Even though no one actually likes improv and no one appreciates your Facebook invites to shows, the class is a perfect opportunity to trick students into thinking they’re well-rounded. Second City is redesigning its class schedule to accommodate their expected influx of students hoping to make something of their lives with comedy training that’s almost as useless as their previous screenwriting degree.

According to the students of the new comedy filmmaking program, it doesn’t matter that the whole concept of studying comedy is even more foolish than putting your tuition money towards making home movies.  

“Yes, I am painfully aware that my screenwriting major causes potential employers to break into gales of laughter,” says Patricia Lees, a DePaul film student. “And I’m aware that saying that I studied comedy filmmaking is likely to be even more pathetic. But we film students have to be prepared to be endlessly humiliated for our art; it’s just part of the job.”

One way or another, a screenwriting degree already elicits tears of mirth from anyone who learns that is an actual major, and a degree in something as bizarre as comedy filmmaking is bound to be much worse. Nevertheless, here at The Black Sheep, we respect our noble film student’s consistent dedication to making fools of themselves, just like we do every day. Keep on thriving, film students of DePaul! Can’t wait to see you all working at Best Buy!

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