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The 5 Spookiest Myths and Legends We’ve Heard About DePaul

A little known fact about DePaul is that it is actually a hotbed of monster sightings and supernatural activity. The whole campus is full of ghosts, ghouls and other creepy-crawlies. After delving deep into this supernatural underworld, The Black Sheep has done our best to categorize all the myths and mysteries we could get our creepy little hands on. You’re welcome.

5.) Seton Kinkster:
The ghost of Seton Hall is the terrible spirit of an old man who passed away when the building was sex dungeon. It’s still a sex dungeon, but now it’s one of DePaul’s dorms, too. This spirit appears usually once a semester, and stands menacingly over the beds of his sleeping victims, before violently choking them for a second or two to get his sick kicks. It’s like something out of American Horror Story, only real and it doesn’t involve Lady Gaga. Probably.

2.) Sheffield Shirime:
Have you heard the slapping sound of someone running through the quad in flip flops at four in the morning, even if it was below freezing? This mysterious flip-flop runner might actually be a Shirime, a Japanese spirit appears in the form of a man with a single glittering eye where his anus should be. It is believed that this eyeball can absorb the souls of those who stare too deeply into it, so be wary of peering between the asscheeks of strange men in flip-flops because you may be unpleasantly surprised.

3.) Ghost of Dennis Holtschneider:
Multiple students around campus have been disturbed from their studies by a vision of our recently deceased university president, Father Dennis Holtschneider, walking around campus. The spectre has been described as so lifelike that it was as if he had never died. “It was really disturbing,” said Henry McMalister, a CDM student who brought the ghost to our attention. “The grief of losing him is already so fresh, and seeing his ghost was really upsetting. I think I need to be alone for a while…”

It is still unclear whether this spirit has any unfinished business tying him to our mortal plane because when our investigator approached him for comment, Holtschneider shade only responded with confusion and distrust. “Is this a joke?” He asked. “You know I’m not actually dead, right? I’m literally still working on campus.”

2.) School of Music Babe:
The basement of the school of music also haunted by a terrifying spectre, and, like Father Holtschneider, this one is totally hot. This ghost girl has been known to appear in a white dress, and throw foldable chairs around and howl at people and stuff. Metal chicks are so sexy. The story says that she was a jilted bride who killed herself when the building was still a church. Apparently, she is waiting for the man who abandoned her at the altar to complete the ceremony, so if you want some sweet ghost puss, just pretend to be him.  

1.) The Red Lion Dead Srat Star:
Bartenders at Red Lion Pub have often complained of a female ghost wreaking havoc and saying their names at odd hours around the bar. Spooky! We’re assuming she was a sorority girl because, well, it’s Red Lion. Sorry! Don’t haunt us Jessica! I’ll never insult your Vineyard Vines bag again! 

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