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Top 5 Places To Set Up A Glory Hole at DePaul

The Lincoln Park Campus of DePaul University is, for many people, the perfect campus to enact our most erotic fantasies. However, many of us are unsure where to begin with these hedonistic dreams. This guide is for those of you who want nothing more than to slide your penis into a small hole cut in a rough surface so that an unknown person or persons can go to town on it from the other side. Let us help you go down on a random dong sticking out of a wall.

5.) Center for Identity, Inclusion, and Social Change:


This is a top notch place to make a glory hole. It really continues the message of the center. How can you express your identity without sucking some anonymous dongs? What better way to be inclusive than to have a hole in the wall that anyone can stick their ding-dong through? What better way to bring about social change than by having a hole in the wall where penises randomly emerge? Really, if you want to make a glory hole, this would be the place to do it.

4.) Fullerton L Stop:


The L stop is a fantastic place for getting head from a complete stranger on the other side of a wall. Not only does the frequency of the trains encourage speedy, on-the-go encounters ideal for the busy DePaul student, but the L stop is also in full view of the enormous mural of St. Vincent DePaul. Having Vinny watch over you benevolently while someone goes down like a vacuum cleaner on your rock-hard dong can create a pleasant feeling of safety for glory hole participants and really add some spice to the anonymous lovemaking.

3.) SAC Pit:


A great spot for some top-notch suckage, the SAC Pit is perfect for just lying down on a cafe floor and sliding your 6-incher into a hole connected to a dark crawlspace. The bits of food and splashes of coffee raining down on your back can be incredibly titillating. And what could possibly be living beneath the bricks of the SAC giving head to faceless dongs? Quite the erotic mystery. Plus, there’s actually a part of DePaul called the “SAC Pit”. That’s just asking for some hanky-panky.

2.) STU Cafeteria:


The salad bar in the STU cafeteria is another perfect place for you to set up a glory hole. Having your ding-a-ling appear directly from a tray of romaine lettuce can be amazingly sexy. And when someone from the cafeteria does decide to give you head while other people use salad tongs to try to forlornly navigate around the spontaneous oral coupling, OMG. It’s such a turn-on.

1.) The Ray:


For an ideal glory hole experience on the DePaul Lincoln Park Campus, there’s no place like the Ray Meyers Fitness Center. The building’s sleek and modern design is perfect for the sleek and modern penis. Also, if you like ‘em sweaty, this is definitely the place to go since the building does function as a gym, and not just a source for quesadillas. Honestly, the Ray Meyers Fitness Center is just the perfect choice for a glory hole.

Remember, when you’re forcing your penis through mysterious holes in the wall, you never know who could be on the other side, so always wear a condom. Now get out there and start fucking some walls!


Pull your dick out of that hole and get to pregaming:

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