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5 “Upgrades” DePaul Has Made That Aren’t Actual Upgrades

DePaul has a continuing habit of changing things that don’t need to be changed. It’s a severe condition that multiple interventions have failed to remedy. Often, when DePaul changes something, it’s not for the better—it just seems to come out of nowhere. Here are just a few examples from a long, long list of them.

5.) The old D2L:
Earlier this school year, DePaul updated/bastardized their online classroom hub, D2L, with a brand new layout, confusing students as to why the change was necessary. Aside from the major layout change, Dropbox was changed to the Submissions, and the whole thing is now called “Daylight,” a concept most students are unfamiliar with, because we don’t live following the rising and setting of the sun. Changing D2L to look nicer didn’t fill students with a greater “desire to learn” either. It just made them irrationally angry, not a difficult thing to do.

4.) Stu pasta bar:
Not many students will remember when the Stu used to have a Pasta Bar, three and a half years ago. It was a thing of beauty. An elaborate set up where you would fill out a card, choosing what kind of pasta, sauce, meat and veggies you wanted on it. They served huge portions on actual plates. It was the one item in the Stu that felt like actual food made with actually edible products. It was mourned when it left.

3.) Wintrust arena:
Opening at the tail-end of this year, the Wintrust Arena was DePaul’s newest addition to Chicagoland (aside from underage alcoholics). Costing about $173 million, otherwise known as four quarters worth of tuition, and located off of the Cermak-Chinatown stop (a place no DePaul student has ever been) leads students to questions what was the point of this building? The new home of both DePaul basketball teams, even when the setup before was fine. The women’s basketball team played on campus and the men’s basketball team, trying to distance themselves as far as they could from anything DePaul-related, played at the Allstate Arena. Out of sight, out of mind, like a kid who farts a lot sitting in the back of class, they were far enough away to forget their abysmal stats.

2.) PNC:
Along with the new arena, DePaul quietly changed banking sponsorships over the summer from PNC to Wintrust. DePaul lobbied students so hard for those accounts before the change that plenty of upperclassmen still have accounts with PNC just from all of their sweet swag. Aside from the really weird idea of a bank sponsoring a college full of students who owe thousands of dollars to banks, Wintrust’s logo and branding is the color blue, which we get enough of from DePaul already. PNC brought some orange and color to make us forget that we signed away four years of our lives.

1.) ID cards:
Just at the beginning of this year, DePaul issued brand new ID cards in conjunction with the whole Wintrust shit. They didn’t even give us the opportunity to update our horribly ugly freshman photos. And it featured a picture of Wish Field in the middle of summer, an image that fortunate students will never get to see and unfortunate students would rather not remember. It’s especially weird considering that they weren’t mandatory. If you have a new ID card, you’ve been duped. No one got a new barcode number so the old IDs can still do everything they did before. C’mon DePaul, either disappoint us or don’t.

Maybe if students make enough of a ruckus, DePaul will consider changing things for a few seconds before abandoning that idea. But then again, the library extended their late-night hours so it’s really a gamble.

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