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So, How’s Everyone Enjoying The Wintrust Arena We All Paid For?

With basketball season upon us, DePaul students are making more frequent trips to the brand-spanking-new Wintrust Arena. And by “more frequent,” we of course mean that it has finally held 100 guests of its 10,387 capacity! So 100 kids have gone. While we all know that Wintrust Arena serves as a monument to celebrate our mediocre athletics program, it begs the question: Does anyone even care about Wintrust Arena?

While the short answer is a resounding no, we thought we would take to the streets of DePaul to figure out the real temperature of the room regarding Wintrust Arena. When speaking to DePaul sophomore Anna McNeil, she spoke of the financial burden brought on by the stadium’s construction. “DePaul was always kinda steep in price, but the stupid stadium just took it to a whole new level,” said McNeil. “I literally had to sell my teeth to be able to afford to go here since they raised tuition.”

In addition to selling body parts, DePaul students have taken to crime in order to cope with the increased tuition. “I was just a normal student with decent financial aid, and then they decided to build that stupid arena,” lamented junior Dave White. “I wasn’t able to afford tuition even with my financial aid, so now I’ve resorted to selling meth in order to keep up with payments. By the way, you guys want some more?”

Wintrust Arena is a failed attempt to try and make the pseudo-intellectual pretentious indie kids of DePaul care about sports. In order to get a better understanding of the disconnect between DePaul students and the venue, we ventured down to the famed Smokers Stoop.

When speaking to the tortured, underprivileged artists wearing exclusively Urban Outfitters, the disdain for Wintrust was clear as day. “It’s such a blatant example of capitalist exploitation and of modern-day imperialism,” said freshman Chris Baker. Baker later remarked, “It’s like we’re the Jews and DePaul are the Egyptians. Also, take a copy of my novel, it’s gonna be really big.” When we suggested to Baker that he was using a few of his terms incorrectly, he flicked his cigarette into our field reporter’s face.

While it initially seemed that Wintrust Arena inspired nothing but indifference, it is clear that the stadium has wreaked havoc on the lives of DePaul students. The next time you see a Facebook post or a campus flier telling you to come on down to Wintrust for a “good time,” ask yourself: At what cost?

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