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10 Reasons You’re a Disappointment to ECU


Pirate Pride is one of the many perks of being a student at ECU. No matter where you go (on campus at least) there’s always going to be someone to shout back “GOLD!” in response to your “PURPLE!” or at least that what it seems like. 


Maybe you’re not at all like this, and it’s really got you thinking, “what the heck his Pirate Pride anyway?” If that’s so, you’re probably one of the very few people who are a disappointment to ECU. Here’s a list of things to check if truly a Pirate or a fraud:



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10.) Never Been to A Football Game:

Along with several other things, attending at least one ECU football game is a rite of passage. You can sit in the Boneyard and listen to “Purple Haze” play at least 3 times. 


9.) Never Drank:

Pirates drink, end of story. We’re not saying that you have to get sloppy drunk to past this test (although many people here do), but just one drink from ABC Liquor Store is fine, unless of course you’re underage.


8.) Don’t Know The Fight Song: 

“We are the Pirates of E-C-U- hey…” That’s all we know…It’s cool if you don’t know, we don’t either. This is a sure fire way to expose your fake Pirate self in front of everyone. First years of course are excluded from this group, but everyone is to be shamed for scrambling for the lyrics on their ink-smudged hand.


7.) Never Been To Convocation: 

Missing this in Minges Coliseum is like missing your rite of passage freshman year. It seems super important and official, but there’s only so much hoopla over it because you get to spend an hour or some screaming and cheering at everything. 


6.) Don’t Know Mascots Name: 

Okay really? PeeDee is so easy to remember. 40 lashes for those who don’t know his name.


5.) Have Never Been To Homecoming: 

Well there’s a concert and a football game at Dowdy-Ficklen, and lots of drinking. The next day, it’s bound to look like a trash hurricane hit cause everywhere is littered with various purple and gold items and beer cans. Whether it’s your thing or not, you need to attend in full force at least once throughout your four years. 


4.) Never Taken A Picture with PeeDee:

The PeeDee statue at the front of campus is one of the school’s crowning glories. Most people take their first picture with that crusty guy during orientation, but there’s a never ending opportunity for a photo with PeeDee, so get at it!


3.) Never Been To Pirate Palooza:

Missing the chance to be a kid again is kind of a big deal. A bouncy obstacle course, arts and crafts, running around on a football field all day? How many chances are you gonna get to do that without the whole having kids part?


2.) Never Been on the Walmart Run:

“Walmart Run? That’s a thing?” Yep. You hop on a crowded ECU transit to buy groceries at the start of the semester. If you asked that there’s bound to be someone who is a freshman to retort, “Dude, you totally missed out.”  Wow, missing out on the chance to swipe the evil corporation that is Walmart of all its products and get free stuff simultaneously must really be a good time. 


1.) Don’t Own Any School Merch:

There’s not a single ECU shirt, hat, or hoodie in sight for you. We’re talking absolutely no school flair. It shouldn’t be that hard to get some, they are literally giving this stuff away for free if you don’t buy them at Dowdy or UBE. There’s so many opportunities for free ECU swag, you just haven’t taken advantage of any of them.


If you haven’t done any of these you should probably get on it soon before it’s too late and your days as a Pirate are over. 


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