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If ECU Academic Buildings Were Characters from Hamilton the Musical


Everybody loves Hamilton the musical, and although we don’t love all of our academic buildings, they all have particular qualities about them that surprisingly match up to these characters. Which one is which?


Sci-Tech: Alexander Hamilton




Always a bit of a show off, or considered ‘the smart kid,’ Sci-Tech is basically ECU’s most prized accomplishment, after sports, and who better to be the center of attention than Hamilton? Students whose major classes are in this building are destined for great things. Whether it’s restarting America’s bank or something more closely related to science, you know they’re not throwing away their shot.


Howell: Aaron Burr




Similar to Sci-Tech, has almost all the same types of classes, but is somehow always coming in second. It’s the same education as what’s given in Sci-tech, but less popular. Howell’s outside appearance seems structurally sound, and the inside is seemingly plain, but wait for it, some of your best classes may be here.


Brewster: George Washington




As much as we’ve ragged on Brewster in the past, ECU legend says that Brewster was built for war, that it’s the sturdiest and strongest of the bunch. Much like Washington, history’s eyes follow it. It has a complex and sometimes confusing interior, but the experiences you’ll have in those halls will fuel you with stories for years to come.


Rivers: John Laurens




The lesser known of the group. Rivers holds different classes than Sci-Tech or Howell, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a name for itself. While you may not be raising a glass to the revolution anytime soon, you may find that some of your favorite psych classes will be in here (Or some of your worst classes in criminal justice, really, it’s a hit or miss).


Speight: Hercules Mulligan




Tucked back in its own corner (and initially thought to be connected to Rivers in the first semester), it’s kind of in the background. These students become spies in the classroom, learning what they can from their professors to be able to apply it to their major. The need no introduction, but studying to become teachers is the bravest thing (I mean, come on, middle schoolers are terrifying).


Austin: Thomas Jefferson




You’re not really sure if there’s anything all that great about Austin at first, but behind that red velvet exterior, you can see why it’s won over the public. Austin has a lot to offer that you can’t always see behind the Math 1065 bullshit. It’s opposite of Sci-Tech in the means of the type of education it gives, but both types of education are valuable in their own way.


Rawl: King George




It stands next to Austin. Awesome! Wow! The Pirate Student Computing Support Center is a big draw and a big cause of the foot traffic. Damn, this building is always trying to treat this like a spending spree, like King George himself. He ain’t never gonna set his descendants free, and neither will Rawl do for its students.


Messick: Angelica Schuyler




Home to the best singers on campus if we’re being honest. Students whose major classes take place here will usually be the most stubborn people. They’ll never be satisfied and will always be fighting to do better. Once they accomplish their goal, their eyes are immediately trained on the next one.


Graham: Peggy Schuyler



The odd one out, Graham always seems like it’s just…there. You only know Graham exists because of the stone that says “Geology” next to it. There aren’t a lot of stories or much of history circling them, but students that walk campus have a strange sense of attachment to the building. Most students could avoid having a class in Graham their entire college life, but they probably won’t have anything bad to say about it.


Bate: Eliza Schuyler




Oddly diverse in interests. From history classes, to foreign languages, Bate can do it all. On top of the multitude of classes, it’s is host to organization and club meetings every day of the week. Bate is anything but helpless and may stay standing the longest out of any other building, carrying on the memories of Alumni and their accomplishments.


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