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How ECU Can Help You Find a Job After Graduation


Using the resources here at ECU to help you find the perfect career after graduation is a great idea! But wait, Pirates don’t do anything mediocre, which means stepping outside the Career Center walls and stepping into an exploration of finding atypical jobs from ECU.


3.) Visit Starbucks Employees:




We all have gone through it, standing in line at the Starbucks in Joyner or Dowdy waiting to get that warm, eye-opening cup of brew. But wait, you notice it’s taking longer than you would have wished to feed your caffeine addictions and you wonder why. You witness the Starbucks employees joking around, focusing on their relationships with their co-workers much more so than getting you your coffee before that 8 a.m. class starts. To get tips on how to find jobs after graduation, ask them what they do to be so laid back and relaxed in the work field. They must have something that they learned to stay calm and focused on the comedy shows they perform behind the counters. Under all the pressure of tired, now angry, rushed eyes staring into their souls they have to be able to feel, take tips from them on how to stay calm and focused on only one task at a time.


2.) Track Down PeeDee:




PeeDee has to be the happiest of employees here at ECU. He gets to be paid to live as a Pirate and attend all the home/away athletic games for free as he wishes. Talk to PeeDee on how he got the job to live in a suit and be whatever kind of person/pirate he wants. How awesome would it be to wake up every day and get to put a pirate suit on? Not to mention free admission in Minges and Dowdy-Ficklen and being the most popular figure around ECU campus. Pretty awesome we’d say. So find PeeDee and don’t let him go until he tells you all of his secrets to how to be the best mascot you could ever be. Even if you have to follow him to every game or even some campus events, it’s not creepy, we swear.


1.) Track Down the Parking Ticket Officers:




We all know how lovely these wonderful humans are. They may even dig deeper in our search with tips on how to find perfect jobs after graduation! Definitely go assist them with an attack they will perform on a student’s car when they are parked illegally. Watch the tactics they use on how they can bring students true personalities out. For instance, wait for the ticket to be placed on the windshield of your fellow classmate parked in front of the Old Cafeteria Complex and see their emotions trigger as they walk to find the yellow envelope shining brightly as a ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, most won’t see it this way, and surprisingly enough parking tickets can bring out the best of anyone.To avoid KO punches in the face, dole out your tickets wisely.


There you have it pirates! Use your campus resources to help you find the best job you can possibly find for you. Learn from your surroundings and reflect greatly on those undercover job skills that you could totally benefit from in the work place.


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