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ECU’s Menu Mash-Up: Sup Dog’s Edition


Okay, we’re all guilty of having a go-to dish at every restaurant we frequent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try new things! Next time you head to Downtown Greenville’s Sup Dog’s, before you let that go-to order roll off your tongue, take a look at our food mash ups. Be creative! Maybe these mash ups will help give you some inspiration.


1). Ranchero Dog with Bacon Cheese Fries:




As one of Sup Dog’s many specialty dog’s, the Ranchero is a hot dog topped with ranch, Sup Dog sauce, chili, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. We didn’t think this do could get any better…until we topped it bacon cheese fries. You can never have enough cheese, and the bacon just added a little extra flavor. It’s worth the upset stomach later.


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2). Chili Cheese Dog with Cheesy Tots:




This is pretty self-explanatory. The dog itself is topped with Monterey jack, cheddar and chili. We went the extra mile and added cheesy tots because we thought it could use more cheese and carbs. It’s a theme we have here, you know you’re gonna love it. This dog is pretty similar to our Ranchero mash up, but with a few less ingredients if you decide that some of them aren’t your cup of tea. Drizzling on some Sup Dog’s sauce and ranch is optional, but definitely recommended!


3). Cool Down Burger with Nachos:




A burger with sour cream, chili, cheese, lettuce tomato and Sup Dog’s sauce is already pretty tempting as is. Add a handful of nachos to it and it’s practically irresistible. The power of the hangry, killed. The burger itself already made us think of nachos so why limit ourselves! You can share the rest of the nachos with the table or take them home to have later, but adding them to your burger is something you have to experience at least once.


4.) Veggie Burger/Hotdog (Completely Vegetarian!):




We never want to exclude those who don’t eat meat, so here’s a mash up of your own! We took Sup Dog’s veggie hot dog and crumbled pieces of a veggie burger on top. Double your dog and you can share with a friend. The veggie dog is already piled high with any vegetables you can think of, but a little extra veggie burger never hurt anyone. Heck, even non-vegetarians love the veggie dogs and burgers at Sup Dog’s…are we sure there’s no meat in there?


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