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Reviews of Online Reviews of East Carolina University


Do you have any friends in high school? Or perhaps younger family members seeking colleges to apply to? Well look no further, because The Black Sheep is here to help. Selecting colleges is tough, with your parents telling you where to go and your friends bragging about how far away from home they’ll be. Sometimes, you just need a little taste of something before you really settle with it, you know? Let’s look at some reviews on ECU to get a taste of what the Pirate Nation is all about.




Sounds about right. This review is about as sad as a half eaten sandwich, there was something there but ultimately it wasn’t that great. There was something here at ECU but honestly it wasn’t that great. Maybe next time round there be something for you here buddy.




Always gotta take the scenic route to class, huh? well not everybody lives in Greene (obviously it’s an all girls dorm) and has a nice walk to class. 




Fantastic! Here’s your trophy for “Never Have Participated in Greek Life” along with a free t-shirt compliments of ECU. 




If you really thought that you were gonna get space while living with at least 100 other people you should probably reconsider a lot of things. Privacy is literally non-existent when you’re LIVING WITH ANOTHER PERSON. There’s nothing private about constantly having another person in your space at all times. Get real, this is college. 




What a paragraph opener: “Every college is going to have their fair share of crimes and assaults…” Might as well just say every college you ever go to there’s gonna be a chance of you dying. 




If you really thought you were gonna get some 1-on-1 with your professor in a class of a billion people boy have you got some thinking to do. Everyone already knows that trying to make any kind of personal contact with your professor in an intro class ain’t even worth it. Try again in 2000 level classes pal. 




Guess we’re just a big ol’ garbage dump huh? Sorry you’re a little bit butt hurt about not getting that grade you wanted in your Bio lab. Tough luck, but no need to slander the whole school over.


Well, we hoped these reviews helped you make up your mind on where you might be interested in enrolling at, seeing a football game at, or just taking a nice stroll (without being robbed) on campus.


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