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Strangest Places to Take Graduation Pics at ECU


With graduation coming in hot, the pictures of the most memorable places on campus must come into thought. We’re not talking about the typical places to take pictures on campus, we’re talking about the places everyone remembers ECU by and wishes they had the pictures to remind them of the terrible or dramatic memories they experienced at these locations. Here is our list of the best alternative places to take grad pics:


4.) The ECU Cow:


ecu cow cover


Is the ECU Cow here to provide students with a view and remembrance of how much Chik-fil-A they’ve consumed over the last four years? Or is it a remembrance of the one too many times the cow was flipped? Either way, it has memories and you and your purple gown self need to hike up on the cow and smile for the camera! Remember to try to do this around dusk when less people will notice you trying to ride the cow like a horse in the rodeo. Unfortunately, it won’t move if you get caught, so you’ll have to rely on running on your own. Good luck doing that wearing a gown that goes down to your toes.


3.) The Steam Vent at Joyner:




All students wonder what the purpose of this crazy circle is and make sure they don’t walk over it with hopes of not falling in. On the contrary, this steam vent makes for the perfect Marilyn Monroe scene! While wearing your purple gown, step over the steam vent and pose for perfection! Remember to wear appropriate undergarments during this, no commando kiddos, the steam is heavy and thick and we don’t need another strange accident.


2.) In the Trees with the Squirrels:


ecu grad pic 2


You remember all those memorable walks to campus that involve nice visits from the ECU Squirrels? Well what would be better than a picture with them in their natural habitat? Climb on up there into the trees on The Mall and you’ll come by a few squirrel families waiting to smile for the camera! Be sure you have the best judgment here. In this scenario, the squirrels could jump at you spastically and you falling out of a tree coming down like a purple plum in your gown does not make for the best pictures to be remembered, unless you’re looking for action shots?


1.) The ECU Parking Police:


ecu grad pic 4


This picture may be one of the most remembered/detrimental of all the pictures you could possibly take in your gown after receiving countless parking violations from the most heartless ECU employees in the world. .For the perfect picture with the parking police, you’ll need an action shot for this category. Simply drive around until you spot a parking police car, this means they’re near and looking for new prey. Get out of your car and hide behind a car with a parking pass (so you know they won’t walk over there). When you see them in action, run over and jump in front of them as they place the ticket on a car. The perfect action shot, and the perfect way to give the parking police what they deserve. Careful though, park too close, and you might get a ticket.


Be sure to get some of these ~unique~ grad pics come graduation. At the very least, there shouldn’t be too much of a wait to get the perfect snap when you’re busy chasing around parking employees and squirrels.


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