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The Black Sheep’s Hot Sister of the Month: Trevor’s Sister

Everyone knows someone with a hot sibling, which is always weird considering they’re the same exact genetics of your friend give or take a single chromosome. That weird quandary aside, we at The Black Sheep believe those who have hot siblings should be celebrated and praised for their contributions to our lives.


On that note, this month we have decided to surprise recognize Trevor, a senior communications major and brother of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, for his fraternal association with one of UConn’s most comely young woman. Introducing our exclusive interview with Trevor’s Sister, The Black Sheep’s Hot Sister of the Month.

Trevor’s Hot Sister’s Stats

Ethnicity: White.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite breed of dog: Labrador. 
Favorite UConn-specific late night delivery meal: WINGS.
Favorite TV show: Friends
List any Greek/Group/Organization affiliation that you’d like to rep: Rubyfruit A Cappella + UConn Gymnastics + Delta Zeta
Major / minor? Early Childhood Education major, Psych minor
Dream job? Mike Mancini’s Personal Assistant
Favorite The Black Sheep article? Um.
Did that last question just prompt your first ever The Black Sheep article view? Oops!

The Black Sheep: What would you consider to be the “best scent you’ve ever smelled”?
Trevor’s Hot Sister: Wings.


TBS: Was the dress blue or white?
THS: Blue

TBS: What was the worst class you’ve ever taken at UConn, and why did it suck?
THS: Italian Renaissance cause just why.


TBS: Where was the location of the best party you’ve ever attended at UConn?
THS: Mushroom Haus.


TBS: Using only 3 words, describe the plot of your favorite movie of all time?
THS: Ship, iceberg, sink.


TBS: What’s your personally most played song of the last month?
THS:  Truffle butter haha.


TBS: Do you think the UConn men’s basketball team is going to go all the way next year, and why is this so obvious?
THS: Yes. No explanation needed.


TBS: What are 3 things on your UConn pre-graduation bucket list?
THS: Steal a beaver from Ted’s, go to Wooden Spoon, swim in Mirror Lake


TBS: Does Fiji water actually taste different from Poland Spring, Aquafina, etc?


TBS: Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at UConn?
THS: Witnessed a threesome happening out in the open of a Celeron apartment.

TBS: What’s the worst movie you’ve seen in a while and what made it suck?
THS: 50 Shades. Just no.


TBS: Would you rather: Have to carry an ant farm around with you wherever you go at all times, or have to loudly announce the name of the food you’re eating / drink you’re drinking before beginning, every time for the rest of your life?
THS: Announce the food and drink.


TBS: Did you know that “mango” is the plural form, and that a “mangus” is a singular fruit?
THS: I don’t believe you.


TBS: Describe your feelings for your favorite food using only song lyrics?
THS: “I adore you”


TBS: What’s your social security number?
THS: Aw you’re so funny.


TBS: Tell me the best joke you’ve ever heard.
THS: Mike Mancini.


TBS: What’s your least favorite word to hear solely based on how it phonetically sounds?
THS: “Penetrate”



The Black Sheep: What would you say it TAKES to be The Black Sheep‘s Hot Sister of the Month? Why you, instead of, say, Boatright’s Hot Sister? What brought you to the top of the world where you currently reside as of today?
Trevor’s Hot Sister: Mike Mancini has been in love with my family since freshman year and harassed me into this.


TBS: Obviously, The Black Sheep‘s Hot Sister of the Month is a prestigious title that you can put on your résumé. What job would you ever apply for that would make you float this achievement to the very top of your résumé? (I.E, president, Price is Right model, ISIS recruit, etc) 
THS: Wings over Storrs mascot or poster model.


TBS: What do you think Trevor’s reaction to this article is going to be?
THS: “Oh my god Michael”


TBS: Do you think this entire article was conceived just because Mike is still upset that Trevor would occasionally pour ice cold water on his naked (yet rigidly flawless) body whilst showering in the North New London bathrooms circa 2012?
THS: Yup probably.


TBS: Does Trevor have a significant other lined up or is that bad boy on the market?
THS: Yes, I like her more than him.


TBS: What does it take to court The Black Sheep‘s Hot Sister of the Month, Trevor’s Sister?
THS: Buy me wings.


TBS: Was that an obvious segue for us to ask if you, Trevor’s Sister, are single?
THS: It was obvious, and no I’m not.


TBS: [according to Trevor’s Hot Sister, at this point our reporter silently closed his laptop and walked straight to Ted’s, ordered 3 beavers and began to drink them simultaneously while inserting $53 into the Jukebox so it would play Drake the entire night]

If you know a pair of UConn siblings whom one of which deserves to be recognized for their hotness, drop us a tip or hit us up on twitter @BlackSheep_UC

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