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Top 5 Restaurants in Greenville to Make Your Parents Pay for


Eating out in a college town like Greenville is always a nice treat. We all know that we are on college budgets and we don’t usually have the funds to support that nice sushi dinner we’ve been craving (instead we settle for sushi from Dowdy). Take your parents coming to visit as a huge advantage to eat that exquisitely crafted food you’ve been after, always remember to bring your parents to the best of the best.


5.) Olive Garden:





While the dining hall or Cupola’s in Dowdy seem to have all you could ever ask for as far as Italian foods go, we all know the world of Greenville has much more to offer. Bring your parents to Olive Garden! Sure it may be a chain restaurant, but breadsticks and the salad come with any meal, which means you can stock up on more appetizers or expensive entrees. (Not to mention get some nice wine that you’ve been craving) not the cheap stuff you buy from Sheetz on E 10th.


4.) Bone Fish:




This delectable seafood restaurant will never disappoint. But let’s be honest, the prices might. That’s what Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards are for! You know your body hasn’t tasted any real Omega 3’s since you left home from summer break, (and no, fish sticks from West End don’t count). Enjoy a nice plate of calamari as well as a nice hunk of salmon to fuel your neglected palates. Always remember to save room for dessert; the quality of the fish matches the quality of the pies. Stock up on both because you don’t know the next time your digestive system will have to have another unsatisfying tub of ice cream from Mendenhall 360.


3.) Winslow’s:




The best of both worlds, ranging from exquisite meals or any sandwich you could ever dream of! Let’s be honest, the only place on campus you can really get exquisite sandwiches is Subway, and they are at the bottom of the comparative chart. With such divine masterpieces of sandwiches that Winslow’s offers, there comes a pricey charge for the amazing. When your parents get the bill and they seem a bit shocked that it costs $60 to feed three people, just shove one of Winslow’s homemade chips in their mouths, they will forget all about the bill and be one with chip heaven.


2.) Shogun Japanese Restaurant:




Some of you might not have ever noticed this sushi restaurant in the middle of the chaotic Pet Smart shopping center complex off of Greenville Boulevard. But after we tried nearly every sushi restaurant Greenville has to offer, this seems to be the most delicious for the best price. Not only can you get 5 Star Sushi with a million options to choose from, you can get it within five minutes of ordering it! Your parents will love the bill and what they get for their money. Take them here, they will definitely want to go back. In fact, they’ll start coming to Greenville more so for the sushi than you, eventually.


1.) Sup Dogs:




All the different varieties of hot dogs combined with crazy good combinations of tots and fries, your parents will too fall in love because it’s not just for college students anymore. Also, treat them to a signature Sup Crush, the more they’ll taste the more they’ll want, and that now pricey bill at the end of the meal will mean nothing to them, because they have a new favorite drink. Also, with bringing them to Sups you can try The Black Sheep’s Mash Up menu for size if their pizza fries aren’t mashed up enough for you already.


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