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10 Reasons You Should Take Your Parents to Coosh’s for Graduation

The big day is rapidly approaching for senior Seminoles, which means restaurants have been filling up with reservations for months, and although you’re probably way too late, you could try to book one for your expecting loved ones. If your family is coming from hundreds of miles away, it only makes sense that you would want to bring them to the finest restaurant Tallahassee has to offer. But before you scramble to book a table at pretentiously priced Food Glorious Food, consider taking them to Coosh’s! There are truly countless reasons this Cajun joint is the epitome of restaurants and, well, everything. But here are our top ten reason why you should take your fam here for graduation weekend.

10.) You’ll be eating dinner at a place called Coosh’s: 
“Bonefish Grill” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

9.) They have real food:
I know what you’re thinking… Coosh’s is a restaurant; of course they have real food, but this location, especially, has a lot of it. You’ll want to order some while you’re here with your parents and make sure they fill up for the night.

8.) It’s an FSU tradition:
When you signed the Florida State contract, you probably didn’t realize that Coosh’s is the place all recent graduates bring their families at the end of the day. If you want to live up to the Seminole Creed, bring your folks here, and when one day your kids graduate from FSU, make sure they carry on the tradition, too.

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7.) Sounds like kush lol:
All you stoners can take your clans to a place that kind of sounds like your favorite recreational ~drug~. Your parents will never know the hidden meaning, and you can vape in the bathroom with the other weed kids.

6.) They have GATOR on the menu:
After going to UF’s rival school for four years, wouldn’t it be nice to finally chew up and swallow a gator for lunch? You can do this at Coosh’s for an appetizer. Not only will you graduate a Florida State Seminole but you can add “destroyed a gator” to your resume.

5.) They have no vegetarian options: 
That’s right; unless you customize your meal or eat a fried side dish, nothing on the lunch and dinner menu is remotely vegetarian. So take your carnivorous mom here and make your annoying vegan brother starve.

4.) Clay Aiken probably ate here:
American Idol vets probably loves beignets, so it would make sense if Clay has eaten here before. Make sure you’re on the lookout during your meal, because rumor has it he might stop by for graduation weekend.

3.) Renegade would dine here if he could:
Famous FSU horse, Renegade, would definitely bring his horse family here if he knew where they were. Make Renegade proud.

2.) You can act out The Little Mermaid with your food:
With all of the seafood items on the menu, you can put on a full-blown production of The Little Mermaid. From the crawfish to the shrimp, “Under the Sea” is bound to be a showstopper.

1.) Sounds like cootchie: 
Nothing is funnier than the term “cootchie.”

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