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4 Reasons Why You Should Have Gotten Chance The Rapper Tickets


So you didn’t spend the 12 dollars on Warchant tickets this year and regretted it literally the next day when Chance the Rapper went viral after a couple major TV gigs. At this point you might have realized you couldn’t afford to bargain with fellow Noles earning hundreds off their extra tickets, or you may have wisely decided to stick to Club Stroz for midterm reasons. Either way, ya missed out. Here’s why:


4.) His Voice Is A Blessing:
Even though he has a front as a rapper, he actually has the voice of an angel. One of his songs is called “Blessings”. Probably because he is a beautiful person and his voice is a blessing. His Warchant performance was obviously a solid 10/10.


3.) His Charming (Easily Forgivable) Personality:
So it turns out, Chance the Rapper is a bit of a tease. He came out for a minute, got the crowd all hyped up, said they had to wait, and then disappeared again. What kind of game is that, Chance? But no matter his position on punctuality, Chance eventually performed his music and charming personality for hundreds of eager Seminoles. He even posted a tweet dedicated to FSU fans apologizing for the delay.


2.) His Absolutely Lit Encore:
During the performance, Chance performed songs including “Smoke Break”, “Angels”, “Blessings”, “Finish Line”, “Mixtape”, “Juke Jam”, and more, not to mention his savvy dance moves that absolutely killed during every one. But the crowd got really lit when Chance came back out for his encore and performed “Summer Friends”. That’s when the Civic Center started to smell dank.


1.) The Fact That It Was Chance the Rapper:
Okay, Chance is kind of a legend now, especially since his recent appearances at the VMAs and Jimmy Fallon. He rose from nothing, and now he has FSU students negotiating his Warchant tickets for no less than $100. From his first mix tape, 10 Day, which he made in high school, to his newly released and instantly successful album Coloring Book, Chance is on his way to becoming a rap superstar. If only he was a ‘Nole!

Ever need a reason to skip class? Think again:



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