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5 Things Freshmen Will Learn Suck About FSU

So you’ve taken a few school tours or gone through orientation and by now you probably think you already have a good feel for what FSU is like. Well think again. Your tour guide or orientation leader probably forgot to mention all the not so great things about FSU while they were showing you around, for good reason. But here at The Black Sheep we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the fresh hells you can look forward to dealing with at FSU.

5.) The Hill to Williams:
For all you English majors or people taking language classes, welcome to three semesters (or more) worth of hell. At first it might seem like nothing right? It’s just a little hill. But when you have to get from the stadium all the way to the top of the hill in 90 degree weather the climb can seem like an eternity, especially if you’re late to class already and trying to run up (or bike up) that hill every day.

4.) Liberal Arts Requirements:
This is more of a general state wide thing, but it still kind of sucks that you come to college to study a specific subject (and to pay lots of money) only to have to repeat a whole bunch of classes that you probably took in high school. And unless you took a shitload of AP classes and did dual enrollment, you’re straight out of luck. You basically have to wait almost an entire year before you can get into your core classes for your major because of all the requirements.

3.) Meal Plans:
Suwannee usually tries to step up their game when the parents are around, but it’s all mostly just for show at orientation and parents’ weekend. For the rest of the year it’s mostly pizza and other fast foods, and that gets stale pretty quickly. If you’re one of the lucky few students in a dorm that requires a meal plan, you’re in a for a treat. Not only do you have to pay for that meal plan of mediocre food, but you probably won’t even end up using all your swipes that you paid for in the first place, unless you plan to never eat out ever (which is also highly unlikely).

2.) Game Day Traffic:
While we’re all excited for upcoming football games at FSU, no one is quite as excited for game day traffic, which gets annoying real fast if you intend to get anywhere that day (and it better be during the game). Game day parking is also irritating because, even if you live on campus and you have a car, you still have to remember to move it the day before the game or risk getting towed.

1.) Parking (or Lack Thereof):
In your first week of school you probably didn’t think much about parking, but what you didn’t realize is that if you have a car and live on campus, you’re in for a different kind of hell. Sure, going to school is fine, but leaving is another story completely. If you decide to go anywhere outside of campus, you can expect your spot to be taken almost immediately. Good luck trying to find parking on the top floor of any garage during the week (we’re looking at you Traditions Garage). This becomes a pain to deal with if you have to walk super far every time you want to go to your car because the closet garage available is 15 minutes away. And you bet your ass you’ll get a ticket if you forget to park your car in the appropriate spot.

And these are just a few of the crappy things you will discover in your first year at FSU, with many more shitty things that await you, like 7:30 a.m. finals on the last day of finals week. So we encourage you to go out and find out for yourself.

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