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5 Ways to Snag an On-Campus Parking Spot That Are Totally Less Creepy Than What You’re Already Doing

 Desperate times call for desperate measures. We’ve all either been the hunter or the hunted when it comes to FSU parking. Instead of awkwardly following people to their cars or asking to give them rides, here are 5 way less creepy options to get your on-campus parking spot without feeling like you’ll be on the next episode of To Catch a Predator.

5.) Leave Them A Nice Heartwarming Note:

There isn’t a single person on this Earth that could say no to a heartfelt note about how much you want and would appreciate their parking spot.

4.) Fold Their Laundry:

Let’s face it: folding your laundry is the worst part about the whole process. But if you’re looking for a parking spot on the FSU campus during peak hours, you may have to just bite the bullet and do some of your fellow classmates’ laundry. They would appreciate it, and it would give them more incentive to let you have their parking spot.

3.) Buy Them A Rotisserie Chicken:

As long as it’s the kind from the Publix deli, not only will they guarantee you a parking spot, but they may even ask you to eat it with them.

2.) Get Them A Ticket To Ride A Hot Air Balloon:

If they’re skeptical about it at first, convince them it’s a totally cool way to get to class tomorrow.

1.) Give Them Your Life’s Collection Of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards:

The hardest and most pain-staking of all sacrifices. You’ve been collecting them since age seven and have even mustered up a rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Unfortunately, it’s the price that needs to be paid for that sweet second floor spot in Traditions.

All of these option can also be interchangeable with getting a seat in Strozier during the upcoming and dreaded finals week.

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