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6 Extremely Useful Things You can 3D-Print at the Innovation Hub

While not the most popular recent installment on campus, the Innovation Hub is quite useful for people who need things right now. Located in the Shores Building, this hub is decked out with computers, 3D scanners, and cherry pies, or something. Even if you’re not the biggest nerd at FSU, there are things for everyone to 3D print here.

6.) Fake IDs:
Whether you’re sneaking into the bar or stealing someone’s identity, you’re 3D-printed and very convincing ID can get you there. The Innovation Hub offers strand-for-strand 3D-printed detail, insuring that you’ll no longer have to beg your older, hotter sister for a beer run at Mike’s Beer Barn for your pregame with the “guys”. 

5.) A sick JUUL:
What better way to welcome the new Innovation Hub than to create a piece that highlights contemporary FSU culture? You’ve invariably seen at least one of these in all of your classes. Join the craze or go home!!!!! Fire up one of these babies in a 3D printer and you’ll be able to skip the FOMO for only a fraction of the wholesale price.

4.) An injury-proof football team:
Our struggles this football season were largely shaped by early-season injuries to core players. 3D-printed players, however, are a whole different breed. They’re rigid and immune to injury. Can you imagine a 3D-printed Francois? We’d be champions for sure. You can’t print Taggart, though. He’s just too good to be emulated.

3.) A wi-fi router that actually works:
Just like a negligent ex-boyfriend, FSUSecure is incredibly reliable, and it always flakes out at the most inconvenient times. Truth be told, you should have ditched both and found an upgrade ages ago. The internet in the Innovation Hub screams strong, just like your negligent ex-boyfriend’s preworkout. 

2.) A spear dildo:
For those hard-to-reach places.

1.) A new Book Mine:
It was a sad day when the beloved Book Mine burned down as part of the evil conspiracy to gentrify Tallahassee. Students and citizens from all over the city came together in solidarity to watch the Tallahassee Fire Department empty hundreds of gallons into the burning store for hours on end. Eventually, even the OLOs came crawling out of it. But it looks like 3D printing might just be the key to bringing it back. Nothing says “fight the man” like a bookstore made of 3D-printed resin.

It’s time to innovate. This place probably costed over 10 grand to build and create, just about the amount of time you spend playing Fortnite. Innovate. For your future. 




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