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6 of the Most F*cked Up Things to Ever Happen at FSU

Everyone messes up sometimes. But down in Florida, messing up is usually murder or overt racism. Here are 6 of the most messed up things that happened right here in Tallahassee. 

6.) The Tallahassee Bus Riot:
Tallahassee used to be a horrifying town. On May 26th, 1956, two FAMU students were charged with “inciting a riot” when they refused to give up their seats on a city bus for a white passenger, who reportedly didn’t even want the seat.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most fucked up part about the incident. The most fucked up part of this is that the next night a burning cross was found outside the students dorms, and speaking of burning crosses…

5.) KKK Recruitment:
That’s right when your state capitol is a hub for a major Ku Klux Klan group, you know your state is garbage. And these KKK knights are not the reserved type to mind their own racist business, but the kind that is actively searching for new members.

In the month of March in 2015, the imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan’s Tallahassee chapter spearheaded a campaign across the panhandle of Florida to recruit new members by strategically placing fliers that read, “Save our land, join the Klan” in every neighborhood in town.

The worst part about this is while there was obviously outrage from the community, there were also a lot of pleased residents. KKK leader Frank Ancona told the Tallahassee democrat that “we get a lot of people who are thanking us for what we’re doing, they’re glad the Klan is still here looking out for the interests of America.”

Needless to say, the 1960s are scariest when they occur in the 2010s.

4.) When an Active WWII Bomb was Found in College Town:
That’s right, after roughly 7 decades, WWII is still something worth worrying about. Last November, construction workers found a WWII-era bomb under their construction sight on Madison Street ready to detonate upon a mistimed strike of an unwitting construction worker’s jack hammer. So that’s cool.

3.) The Unsolved Muriel Court Home Murders:
In 1966, Halloween in Tallahassee was cancelled. Women carried water pistols full of ammonia and fear coursed through the community over the mysterious death of the Sims family. Though it’s unsolved, they’re all pretty sure it wasn’t by putting them in the pool and deleting the ladder.

Last October saw the 50th anniversary of this grisly murder, which you’d think would be long ago enough to leave this behind us. The case is still unsolved and fifty years is enough time for the killer to evolve, hide his tracks, and possibly hide other bodies. He could still be active in Tallahassee and we could have no idea. He could even be your closest senior citizen.

2.) When the Zodiac Killer Threatened FSU:
On April 25th of 2016, a message from the thought-to-be-dead Zodiac killer was found written in chalk outside some classrooms at FSU reciting one of the killer’s famous taunting notes to police in the 60s.

Now we must wonder who left the message: a copycat, a prankster, Ted Cruz, or maybe the Zodiac killer himself coming out of retirement.

Turned out, the chalk writing was just students doing it for a project, which was pretty anticlimactic., But for twelve straight hours it was unclear whether a serial killer was on the loose, and the anticipation of something scary is almost as scary as the actual scary thing.
Speaking of serial killers…

1.) Ted Bundy:
Yeah you knew this was going to be on top: the serial killer who sat at The Sweet Shop that we all like to study and relax at, planning his eventual raid of the Chi Omega Sorority house where he killed and decapitated two members.

Easily one of the bloodiest and most sensational true horror stories of FSU, it’s hard to walk by that house without feeling chills down your spine.

Fortunately, most of these truly f*cked up events occurred a while back, and nowadays, the worst of the worst probably goes down at Coli every weekend. Go Noles!

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