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6 Things You Can Give The Bouncer At The Strip To Get A 21 Band

When you lose your fake, don’t say we never did anything for you. Bouncers at clubs only give you a 21 band if either you or your fake ID are over the age of 21. We all know this. However, this is Tallahassee we’re talking about, nobody here really gives a shit. Literally anything can happen. No matter what your circumstance is, you can get a 21 band from the bouncers with any of the following items.

6.) A Chick-Fil-A gift card:
Just give it up fat ass. You need to learn to make these necessary sacrifices, or you’re going to be wearing t-shirts at the pool all summer. You don’t need to keep a Chick-Fil-A gift card on you all the time anyway, go for a run or something.

5.) A Made-up Girls Phone Number:
Just write down some random numbers on a Chipotle napkin while you’re doing a last minute pregame in the Uber and give it to him when you see him. He will believe it. The first three numbers can even be from the FSU main line, 644. Don’t worry, he wont even notice. He’s not that sharp. After all, his job is to hand out bands in front a club.

4.) A bottle of Axe body spray:
He probably hasn’t collected all the axe bottles yet, and he needs your help. Take him back to those middle school locker room days. Axe is a cheap and easy product to pick up at your local Target (RIP Coli) and well worth your time. He will be very grateful for your donation and be more than happy to band you and your 18-year-old friends.

3.) A weed:
This is probably the best thing to give him, if you can, do this first. I guarantee, he will not say no to free weed. Or if you don’t have any on you, just go to Landis and pull some grass out of the ground. Make him believe that it’s the real thing. Confidence is key. You got this.

2.) A JUUL Rip:
Be a good Nole and share your JUUL, especially if it gets you a 21 band. Don’t worry about wasting pods, your mom will give you food money to get more.

1.) A Tighter Shirt:
Give him a shirt that he’s going to feel good in, a shirt that will make him look “big” in front of his boss so that maybe he could move up to being a real bouncer instead of just trading 21 bands for JUUL rips.

Look we get it, some of these might sound ridiculous to give someone you’ve never met before, but that’s what a bribe is. There is no shame in bribing the bouncer at The Strip, if we’re being honest he probably wants to get bribed, I’m sure he would love an early Christmas present. Just keep doing this and you’ll be one of his regulars, pretty soon he’ll just give them to you for free.

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