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6 Things FSU Students Can Post On Facebook That Aren’t Trump


At this point, scrolling through post after post about Donald Trump on Facebook is beyond irritating. Facebook users everywhere want to see something new and exciting on their feed! Why limit it to Trump? There are many options when it comes to remaining politically ambiguous on Facebook, so don’t limit yourself to posting solely about the president. Here are 5 things fellow ‘Noles love to see online that are not presidential.


6.) The Latest SNL Kellyanne Conway Sketch:
Forget the new POTUS! This would be the perfect posting choice, first of all, because it will contribute a bit of humor on your Facebook profile, and second, because it is so not Trump. Kate McKinnon’s recurring Conway will look even better on your profile.


5.) Feminist Articles:
From the Women’s March to the little everyday things, there is so much to repost when it comes to feminism. Find a poignant article written about the inauguration–fueled feminist protests. The more empowering, the better. As your friends start to read, they’ll forget that you ever even shared five posts about Donald Trump in one day.


4.) Any Personal Opinions You Might Have:
If you’re blanking on ideas for your Facebook post, you cannot go wrong with updating your friends with your personal opinions. Let your friends know how to feel about parking on Florida State’s campus, or how you feel about the U.S. cabinet member nominees! It is a [alternative] fact that opinions are always welcome in the Facebook community.


3.) Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech:
An easy way to entertain your followers is to post Meryl Streep’s lauded Golden Globes speech! Let one of the best actresses of our lifetime outdo herself again in a little box on your timeline. The people need a break from all the ongoing political tension, so share this video to give them a simple and entertaining piece of dialogue to watch.


2.) Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech:
Obama’s farewell speech is a great way to escape all the political drama that seems to be consuming the online world. It’s just sweet and emotional enough to share, and rest assured the people of the Internet will understand that you’re simply avoiding Trump and the presidency.


1.) Dance Marathon Fundraising Page:
With all the political unrest consuming the nation, it can be easy to forget about the kids. Repost you or your friend’s FSU DM links to remind everyone whose voices should really be heard: those of Barron’s generation.


Best signs from Women’s Marches Across the Globe:


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