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6 Things We’d Do With the Pope in Tallahassee

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming! Pope Francis touched down in Washington D.C on September 22 at 4p.m.. He’ll then be making stops in D.C, New York, and Philadelphia before heading back to Rome. As of now the Pope will not be gracing the grand city of Tallahassee, but we made up a list of things we’d do to while hosting his holiness, so maybe he’ll skip feeding the poor or whatever and come party at Ken’s.


6.) Let Him Ride Renegade:



First and foremost, we should take the Pope to Doak Campbell stadium so he can use his divine power to bless the ground and ensure that we win our football games this season. While he is there, we should teach him the war chant and let him ride around the stadium on Renegade for as long as his papal heart desires.


5.) Confession Booth at Landis:



We should ask the Pope to set up a confession booth on Landis that can be used on Sunday afternoon. We all know after a weekend out in Tallahassee, the students of FSU will have a lot of confessions to make. Get there early and expect long lines! If you can’t remember all the sins you need to confess bring a notepad. Pope Francis will only be here once, soyou’re going to want to get it all out while you can.


4.) ZIP LINE!:



Soar through the skies with the Pope! Pope Francis loves animals so what better way to spend an afternoon than by taking him to the Tallahassee museum? Take a leisurely stroll with the Pope through the Florida panther, red wolf, and otter encounters before taking him on the zip line tour. Just please be sure the pope hangs on to the rope while going down the slope!


3.) ChiPople:



Once the Pope works up an appetite from zip-lining, be sure to take him to the Chipotle on Tennessee street. Since you have the Pope in your party, you will be able to skip the 1.5 hour line and go straight to the front. The Pope is also the only person alive who is allowed to stick his holy hand over the Chipotle sneeze guard, so revel in the privilege of standing with him while he aggressively designs his chicken burrito bowl masterpiece.


2.) Get him on the FSU Snap story:



There are many of you who, try as you might, can’t get on the FSU Snap story. Well, now there’s hope — if you take a selfie with the Pope! Pope Francis loves selfies, so snap a photo of the two of you with peace signs and the “Noles” banner and you’re sure to make it onto the FSU Snap story.


1.) Westcott Fountain Toss:

pope fountain2


Finally, since the Pope won’t be here on his actual birthday (December 17), it’s our duty as Seminoles to toss him in into Westcott fountain at midnight in honor of his holy day. He will probably insist on keeping his full Pope cassock on, so let him do it. After all, he has already blessed the football team, given you Snapchat glory, and helped you skip the line at Chipotle.

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