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8 Ways to Stand Out from the FSU Normies

It seems as if everyone on campus has begun to look exactly the same– as if a blob of basic has swept over our fine campus, submerging everyone in its path in mayonnaise. Florida State has always prided itself on being unique when compared to the other Florida universities, so what happened? Don’t worry, The Black Sheep is here to help you stand out from all those annoying normies.

8.) Wear a pair of white Converse:
Nothing screams, “I want to stand out from the pack” like a pair of fresh, white Converse sneakers. These bad boys are good for everything: jogging, rugby, failing exams, you name it. Make sure you wear them when you walk down Jefferson St. too; let those sororities know you’re paving the way of fashion. You’ll be a regular Weird Al in no time.

7.) Get a backpack:
Honestly, any backpack will do. However, if you really want to stand out, there’s this new brand all the cool kids are talking about called Jansport. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it before, all your friends will be talking about it soon. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so next time you drop that bad boy into a garbage disposal again you’ll be covered.

6.) Pregame at Jessica’s before Ubering to Pot’s:
You would mega stand out if you pregamed at your friend Jessica’s apartment before calling an Uber to Pot’s on Fridays. To be extra unique, take mixed vodka shots and Snapchat a video for your story every ten minutes. Trust us, everyone will love it.

5.) Have a family:
One thing that will absolutely separate you from the crowd of basics at Florida State is having a family. Mother, father, uncle, aunt, big, little, G- any immediate or extended family will do. Hell, you could probably hire one of your professors to act like a cool uncle for a while and all your pals will get jealous. Go crazy with this one.

4.) Take a class:
No one goes to school for any other reason than to make friends and have brunch, so be different by taking a class! None of those normies you see trudging along campus are there to actually take and attend their classes regularly, so you’ll be looking cool before you know it. Make sure to study as well to earn some extra cool points.

3.) Eat lunch:
Brain food! Man, lunch is the best. No one ever eats it, though. Good news: now you will and boy is it going to be tasty. Don’t forget to lick your fingers at the end so everyone around you knows it’s good.

2.) Have skin:
Skin is so underrated. It covers up all those freaky bones organs that no one wants to see. Plus, skin can get sunburned sometimes, which is cool. Another way to experience the pain that is living!

1.) Breathe:
When did breathing go out of style? It seems as if all the basics around campus are just holding their breath as they knock back some V8 on their way to not going to class. V8 packs multiple vegetables into every container so you can get your fiber and look cool! Breathing and fiber go so well together.

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