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Florida State University

A Judgmental Map Florida State University

While most students know how to navigate the various Tallahassee streets, many maps surrounding Florida State University fail to accurately describe individual buildings and points of interest. The Black Sheep decided to create a map that provides a more honest depiction of the Classic City. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!

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First Stop: Club Pub:
The place to be. You will run into anyone and everyone here while on your way to pick up fresh produce, such as avocado for a nice guacamole. There’s so much happening here. It’s the proverbial watering hole of Florida State University.

Second Stop: Tennessee St.:
The older you become as a student, the further you travel down Tennessee St. on the nights you go out. Still, one thing remains a consistent: regrets will be made. It’s humbling to remember no matter how old you get, you’re still a mess.

Third Stop: Monroe St.:
This is a friendly reminder that Tallahassee isn’t only for college students. This is where the politicians work. Every time you ride into Tallahassee, you get to see our lovely state capital, essentially a Freudian slip of the human association of power to phallic imagery.

Last Stop: Doak Campbell Stadium:
The best days of your life will happen here. So many memories to be had at Doak Campbell. If you’re waiting for that moment where you realize you belong here at FSU, this is probably the place it’ll happen.

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