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How You Act At The Strip Based On Your Major


When you’re in college, the first thing people will ask you is “what’s your name?” closely followed by “what’s your major?” It seems to be a defining aspect of who you are and how you act. You cannot properly describe a person without also including their area of study – it’s college law. Furthermore, these identities will tell you how a person acts after they’ve had a few drinks at The Strip. 


Business Majors:
These are the guys who show up late wearing business attire. “I just came from a meeting.” Yeah right, Scott. No one has “meetings” their sophomore year of college. These are the same people that consult with their friends before buying a drink.
Apparently it’s not classy to make a snap decision on what kind of trashy vodka you would like to buy.


English Majors:
The English majors are the girls and boys who act like they’re too cool to be at The Strip right now. They have a million other places they could be, for instance, in bed reading Hamlet for the sixth time. Those with an English major are most likely drinking something other than beer, and spend most of the night judging all the stupid sh** everyone else does.


Engineering Majors:
The engineering majors are the people at The Strip who are most likely hanging around their other engineering friends. They order a few drinks and then hang around the pool table the whole night, determining which angle is scientifically best to knock the balls into the whole. Seeing engineering majors at the strip is a rare.


Theatre Majors:
After a couple of shots, the theatre majors are starting to get loud and obnoxious. They live for drama, and therefore, try to create drama at every second. It’s not always an “accident” when a drink gets spilled on someone around this crew. These are also the people that are the first to step up on karaoke night.


Political Science Majors:
This is your classic frat boy whose voice gets five notches louder after two drinks.
There is a 7/10 chance that he is wearing Chubbys and an even better chance that he is “rocking his Sperry’s”. When playing pool, a poly-sci major will try and shoot behind the back at least twice throughout the night. He always tries to surround himself with at least two blonde chicks at all times.




How do you feel about the trash dove?


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