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Answering Yahoo! Answers’ Burning Questions About FSU

Some of the web’s most trustworthy and authentic information comes from Yahoo! Answers. Here, people aren’t afraid to type the hard-hitting questions everyone wants to know the answers to, but no one wants to look stupid enough to ask. This is especially true for incoming college frosh who are maybe a little insecure about leaving mom and pa for the first time, so The Black Sheep has decided to lend a helping hand and answer some of Yahoo!’s most popular FSU-related queries.

“What is Florida State University like?”

Florida State is the Penn State of Florida. And if you don’t know what Penn State is, it’s the Arizona State of Pennsylvania. There, now you’re set.

“What type of person should not attend this school?”

Anyone who isn’t comfortable soaking a tampon in vodka and shoving it up their cooter to get the ultimate buzz without the calories should not even bother sending in an application. We don’t need any fuckin’ dweebs on campus.

“Is FSU a good school?”

How can one say for certain what is inherently “good?” Psychology Today states that ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are fluid. Most people can be a combination of both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ qualities, and the same goes for FSU.

“Could I get into FSU?”

Yeah, there are several entry points! One of the most popular entrances is by Westcott Fountain. The beautiful brick and splashing chlorinated water provides a great backdrop for any Instagram picture. Scheduling a tour is tedious and students will throw eggs at you.

“FSU or UF? Which is better?!”

If you calculate the number of points you would get from putting “FSU” on the board during an intense game of Scrabble and compare it to the number of points you would receive from simply putting “UF,” it’s apparent that FSU is far superior.

“What do I need to get into Florida State University?”

All prospective students must choose two of their most prized possessions to offer to supreme leader, Chief Osceola. If he likes one of them, he will deem you worthy to become a Seminole. If he doesn’t, good luck at your backup school (UCF).

We hope these answers helped shed some light on the true FSU. If you’ve taken nothing away from this, just remember, you have to live hardcore to be hardcore, and Florida State has the hardest core of them all.

*Please send any other inquiries to WikiAnswers, as we will be transitioning to a more respectable site soon.




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