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Awkward Strozier Interactions During Midterms



So it’s that dreaded time of the year again: mid-midterm season, when all FSU students congregate in Strozier to be miserable together. When a large portion of the student population gathers in one place, there are bound to be some awkward interactions. This is especially true since our main sources of energy are low-quality caffeine and Chick-Fil-A nuggets. Find out what kind of interactions you should prepare yourself for next week during another round of midterm all-nighters.


5.) When Someone Is In Your Reserved Study Room:
There’s nothing more awkward than the moment when you walk up to your study room and a group of pretentious business majors already claimed their spot. As Neil Degrasse Tyson would say, HOW BOUT NO. It’s hard enough to function on about 3 hours of sleep a week. So you have to work up all the energy you have and embrace the awkward interaction. Who cares if you have to watch them glare at you like you just killed their entire family.


4.) Tiptoeing By Passed Out Students in First Floor Booths:
Honestly, when students are passed out in the library during midterms there is no judgment. Those round couches in Club Stroz are actually pretty comfortable, and at this point, sleep is possible in any location. You do you, as long as you’re not in my booth.


3.) Witnessing An Emotional Breakdown:
So the kid studying at the table next to you just found out they got a 50 on their midterm and they got in a fight with their roommate. They got two hours of sleep last night and they’re becoming hysterical. The mascara starts running and there are so many weird crying sounds coming from that direction. Okay, we get that you’re emotional, but try and keep it together. Crying into your hands and throwing your vanilla latte across the room isn’t going to help anyone.


2.) Eating A Snack On The Third Floor:
Since when is eating a snack in the library a crime? That awkward moment when you just want to eat some Cheez-Its on the third floor of Stroz, but then everyone hears your bag crinkle and looks at you like you murdered someone. Apparently at Strozier it’s an unwritten rule that you’re not allowed to eat, talk, or breathe on anywhere above the first floor. So if you plan on going to the library and making any sort of noise, expect an awkward interaction.


1.) Going To Robert Strozier For Emotional Support:
Sometimes it just comes to the point when Robert Strozier is the only man that can provide the emotional support you need. He’s probably one of the most solid and loyal guys on this campus. And he’s a great listener. So go outside, ignore the stares, and tell Rob how you really feel. It might be a little awkward to endure the looks you get from other people that walk by, but don’t mind it. They won’t ever understand the special relationship you have with the statue. You keep on doing you. Let it all out.



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