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5 Ways To See If You’re Worthy Of “Dunk Nation” Title Like FSU Basketball


In their fight for the title of NCAA champions, the Florida State basketball team won the title of “Dunk Nation” when they played FGCU, who is known as “Dunk City.” The title of “Dunk Nation” was basically self-proclaimed by teammate Jonathan Isaac who was just feeling really cocky, but that’s beside the point. They took the title and ran with it, literally. So, here are five ways to see if you are worthy of the title that FSU has claimed.


5.) Can You Dunk?
This is the first requirement for claiming yourself as a part of Dunk Nation. If you can actually do the act of dunking, than that would really help Florida State to become more legit. Right now, the title seems a little bit extra, to be honest. FSU can’t be a nation of dunkers if we aren’t really all dunkers, ya feel?


4.) Do You Know The Basic Rules Of Basketball?
It’s also required that, before calling yourself a worthy member of Dunk Nation, you actually know what basketball is. Is it a team sport? Is the ball allowed to touch the ground? How much physical touching is allowed? When is it my turn to bring a team snack? I don’t know. But these are questions that you should be able to answer after you study the sport extensively. It will be worth all the tuition to be able to get the prestigious title, even though our team has already been eliminated from the bracket (RIP).


3.) Can We Make A Meaty Pun Out Of Your Name?
One of the most important things about being a part of FSU’s Dunk Nation are the puns that revolve around meat products. Dwayne Bacon has become iconic at basketball games, causing people to wear bacon costumes and make endless puns about pork. Here at Florida State, we cherish the use of meaty puns and decide people’s worth based on the puniness of their name.


2.) Do You Go To FGCU?
If you go to FGCU, you automatically cannot be a part of Dunk Nation. Sorry. You’re name is already Dunk City, and then FSU changed its name to Dunk Nation so that the players could elevate their pride and be better than you. You can’t just go around changing your name like a bunch of pinheads. Sucks to be you I guess.


1.) Are You Over 7 Feet Tall?
If so, you are a really good candidate to be a part of Dunk Nation. Word on the street is that the nation mostly wants people that are at least 7 feet tall, if not, 8 or 9 feet tall. They just want monstrous people that can essentially just lift a finger and place the ball inside the net. If this sounds like you, then you too can be a part of Dunk Nation. All you do is walk your monstrous head inside the stadium and the recruiters will surely be waiting for you.




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