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Frat Brother Wins Chapter’s Scariest Costume Contest After Dressing Up as Consent

This past weekend, local fraternity Fappa Alpha held their annual costume contest and the crowd came out in record numbers. In an unexpected twist, one fraternity brother took the opportunity to awaken his brothers. While most of the bros dressed up as spooky ghosts, ghouls, or an expired fake ID, Kerry “Big Kahuna” Harrelson looked at the challenge in a different light.

Using materials found in his fraternity house, Harrelson dressed as consent–a prevalent and often stigmatized concept in the Greek community.

“Big Kahuna really brought the power down this year,” described a slightly stoned Sandy Bakerston. “I thought for sure Conner was going to win this year when he dressed up as a flat Natty Light but then BK strolled in dressed as consent. I think we all got a little scared in our tum tums if you ask me.”

Big Kahuna knew what some of the brothers at Fappa Alpha didn’t: consent in sexual encounters is key. He took this spooky opportunity to share that with his brothers.

“Some guys came up to me at the end of the party and asked what I was,” Big Kahuna stated. “Some of them didn’t even know the word ‘consent’. They kept asking me how ‘constant’ was a costume. I’m glad I was able to show the brothers what’s up.”

BK’s costume consisted of a large piece of paper with an agreement for sexual intercourse between both parties signed at the bottom. A stark contrast to some of the other costumes.

“I thought I would be funny you know, I’m kind of the chapter’s clown,” explained Morris Motorboat. “I did stand-up once and killed! I brought out 25 brothers and they all laughed! It’s still my profile picture. Anyway, I dressed up as a lady with BIG boobs. I thought for sure I would win.”

While Motorboat ran around the party feeling himself up in an attempt to generate some laughs from the Bi Delts in attendance, Big Kahuna took some of the more curious brothers in a circle and explained the definition of consent.

“It was insane, some of them didn’t even know people had to agree to have sex with you. They thought it was some Wolf of Wall Street shit, just with worse cocaine,” Big Kahuna told us.

This year provided a new opportunity for the brothers to learn the importance and delicacy of consent, and Big Kahuna hopes that this will be an influencing factor on the boys moving forward.

“I just know underneath all the Guy Harvey and Salt Life shirts, that there are some genuinely good dudes in Fappa Alpha. Just got to show them how to treat women with respect,” Kahuna said.

So, which is it?

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