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FSU Buildings Renamed By A 10-Year-Old


Florida State University has generously spent millions of dollars (from our own student tuition) to build some of the most beautiful and unique buildings seen at a university. However, the names that were given to these buildings are not totally indicative of the personalities that they hold. Therefore, our 10–year-old buddy, Jamie, has thought up a few names based on his experiences with the buildings on campus. What did Jamie think of our campus?



7.) William Johnston- The Cool Future Box:
Little Jamie dubbed one of our newest and most futuristic buildings, William Johnston, “The Cool Future Box”. Once he glanced at the big, boxy red and white walls and sliding glass doors, he was convinced he was in one of his futuristic comic books. Welcome to the future, kid, where everyone does their homework on the walls and the smell of Chick-Fil-A constantly infiltrates the room.



6.) Dodd- Hogwarts:
Dodd hall is one of our most historic and most loved buildings, and this is mostly because of its close resemblance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The beautiful stained glass windows and the low-hanging chandeliers are beautiful and mystical, like Hogwarts. Jamie walked through the enchanting halls of Dodd, and could think of nothing else except the possibility of magic. His mom told him it was time to move on, and he accidentally responded in parseltongue.


5.) Westcott- Hot Chick Ave:
Westcott fountain is one of the best photographic locations on the campus of Florida State University, and for that reason, all of the girls flock to it. With the combination of perfect lighting, beautiful streaming water, and a slight breeze from the fountain blowing through recently perfected curls, the fountain is a girl’s photo dream. Also for that reason, the fountain was called “Hot Chick Ave” by Jamie because a multitude of girls are always there taking BFF pics.


4.) Strozier- Homework in Hell:
When Jamie walked into Stozier and saw hundreds of students packed like sardines basically crying into their computers, he immediately asked why such a place existed. Good question, Jamie. The Strozier library is one of our most famous locations with about five floors, four of which would result in your own murder if you spoke louder than a whisper. Jamie’s not the only one that thinks Strozier is hell.


3.) Landis- Doggie Zone:
Landis Green is an iconic place for many reasons. It’s the place of a lot of social growth and change over the years. But more importantly, it usually has dogs. All different kinds of dogs. Sometimes even puppies! The dogs that are there are roaming free and will even come up to you and let you pet them. For this reason, Landis Green is the “Doggie Zone,” and is probably the best spot on campus. Oh yeah, there’s the fountain on Landis that symbolizes all our beauty and history and blah blah blah. Sometimes the doggies swim in the fountain!


2.) Dirac Library- The Nerd Gathering:
As he was passing by, Jamie got a quick look at the Dirac building and was able to made a totally accurate judgement of it on the spot. Just based on the location alone, he was able to conclude that mostly nerds study at the Dirac library. The building is enclosed on both sides by the statistics building (gross) and the math building (even grosser) with the biology building close by. Therefore, the overall population of students inside the building were bound to be “boring science people,” and the endless gray walls inside the building can vouch for that. It is agreed that “The Nerd Gathering” is an accurate title.


1.) The Honors Building- The Chick-Fil-A Building:
The Honors building is located next to Landis Green, right above the Chick-Fil-A on campus. Therefore, all anyone really cares about is the sweet smell of chicken that lingers below it. When Jamie was introduced to the building he immediately ran inside, despite his mother’s protests, screaming for chicken nuggets. 


Who really even cares about Homecoming?



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