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FSU Fall Semester As Told By Memes


Florida State University has been through a lot these past few months, and it can be hard to describe when we are asked by our family and friends. Sometimes, the only people that truly understand us are @gavinreactions and @willywonka. Therefore, we are turning to our trusty memes in order to discover our feelings and find out what has gone wrong and what has gone right so far in 2016.


When Hurricane Harambe Struck Tally



Living in Florida, we know what to expect when a “hurricane” is about to hit. We were all “Oh really?? A hurricane??”


When School was Overwhelming Because of Hurricane Harambe



So it turned out the hurricane was kind of bad, and our grades paid the price for it.


When Financial Aid Dropped and You Thought You Were Invincible



As soon as you checked your bank account and saw a number way bigger than you expected, you felt like a queen.


And Then You Quickly Ran Out of That Money



We learned to accommodate for our mistakes.


When We Were Anxious and Excited for Another Successful Football Season




We were under the impression that our “amazing” football team was going to be “amazing” again.


And Then the UNC Game Happened


And then it all began.


When Stranger Things Became Everyone’s Source of Relief


For about a month every person became a huge sci-fi nerd. And every person wanted a boyfriend named Steve.


When a Bunch of Crazy Robberies Starting Going Down in Tally



Tally started to get freaky for a while there with a bunch of weird robberies and kidnappings. We just wanted it to stop.

When Everyone Pretended to be Fine During Midterms



There’s something about midterms that just sucks the soul out of you. Michael always understands.


And then Clemson Happened


And when we lost to Clemson, and it seemed like euthanization was the only logical option.


And Now We’re Just Clinging Onto the Fact That Christmas is in Sight


Now we’re all just in the mindset that Christmas is soon, and we get to watch all of the Christmas movies and drink all of the eggnog. Santa is forgiving.




If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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