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FSU Fraternity Members Build Booby Traps To Catch Some Serious Milfs On Parents’ Weekend

In anticipation of Florida State University’s upcoming 35th annual Parents’ Weekend, local fraternities are preparing for an onslaught of fine-ass moms looking to kick it with the boys.

Brothers were spotted at Home Depot on Thursday stocking up on rope, wire, and wooden cages to set up booby traps in the front yard of the fraternity house.

“We’ve been preparing for weeks,” said brother John Stanton. “Once those Milfs see the White Claw cans we set up as bait, they’ll come running.”

Although unconventional, booby traps have a long history of success in capturing Milfs. With roughly a 17% success rate, brothers are looking forward to a weekend pursuing big game.

Stanton elaborates further on his excitement for Parents Weekend, reporting, “Those are some boobies that I’d really love to trap, if you know what I mean.”

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