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FSU League of Legends Challenges Football Team to Bout of Wits


One of the hidden gems of FSU’s campus is our nationally ranked League of Legends team, which has taken home accolades that normal people don’t really know or care about. But this weekend they decided to try to take center stage with our nationally ranked football team by challenging them to a series of mental challenges.


“We just wanted to stop being a laughing stock,” said LoL team captain Lewy Macklevoy, “We figured if we could defeat a team as popular as the FSU football team in our own way then that would earn us the respect we deserve.”


After Jimbo Fisher received several emails, the coach finally decided to approve the unusual request.


“The time between the fall season and the first spring game is a tough one,” said Fisher, “the offseason puts the players on edge. They need the taste of victory regularly otherwise they feel inadequate in the world. This is a great way to keep morale up and the effects of multiple concussions down.”


The challenge was devised into three different games of varying degrees of mental difficulty, the first being a 24-hour hack-a-thon.


In this challenge, the two teams work to build a unique application in the span of a 24-hour day. This first challenge was of course won by the football team’s own alternative running back Steve Johnson.


“Yeah it wasn’t really that hard,” said Johnson, “after all I am a Computer Science major. Like, this is the sort of thing I do for homework every day. At a point I sort of knew I was going to win, but I at least expected some of the League of Legends guys to have some code written.”


One loss wasn’t enough to discourage the LoL team, who used this L to dive head first into the next challenge: the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament.


“For the Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament I went ahead and built Quilforts meta, while my friend used Neckrozs, and my other friend used Yosenjus,” said LoL member Jack Fuente.


“I haven’t played in years,” said defensive tackle Keith Bryant, “So we just decided to just get some starter packs from Target and go for it.”


The football team won by a landslide.


“It was a lot more fun than I expected,” said Bryant, “The guys and I really got into it. It brought back so many memories.”


“They probably cheated,” said Fuente, “but it doesn’t matter because we’ll win the last event.”


The final event, worth 90% of the score and making the previous two events pointless, was one single round of League of Legends between the team captains.


In this football coach Jimbo Fisher went up against LoL captain Lewy Macklevoy.


“Honestly when they said I had to compete in this finale challenge, it seemed like a way to stack the odds against my team,” said Fisher, “but then I thought, ‘hey, who really cares?’”


The match was fought long and hard, with a decisive victory from Fisher.


“That was the first time I had ever used a computer, but once I started, it ended up being easier than I expected,” said Fisher, “it’s just like structuring a good team and so I applied my years of experience in coaching to the game, and what do you know? I won.”


The LoL team was unavailable for a final comment, and thus this concludes The Black Sheep’s coverage of the big LoL/Football Team debacle. Was it exciting? No. Did it bring people together? It seems to have actually done the opposite. But hey, at least they had fun.


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