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FSU To Replace Tradepost With Ye Olde General Store

FSU officials confirmed last week that the Oglesby Union Tradepost, a popular pit stop for students craving the equivalent of vending machine food from 2001, will be replaced with Ye Olde General Store.

Florida State University’s Oglesby Union underwent a $120 million renovation in Spring 2018, and students are more than thrilled for the renovations to be complete.

After receiving years of complaints about convenience foods available at the Tradepost, officials have decided that it would be best to open a store that accommodates students’ every need.

Ye Olde General Store will carry handmade soaps, shotguns, barrels of saltwater taffy, and 19th century linen condoms.

FSU had initially planned on constructing a Cracker Barrel in the Tradepost’s place, but negotiations fell through when a shortage of rocking chairs forced Cracker Barrel to back out of the deal.

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