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FSU Yearbook Quotes: The Football Team


We love out ‘Noles. And so we wanted to bring you our exclusive look into what some of our favorite football players have put as their yearbook quotes.


“We’re a second half team. Sometimes.” –Josh Sweat




The FSU football players thrive on their firm belief that all of life’s hard work should be done in the second half. Don’t really try right now, because it’s not really going to matter until the end. Defensive end Josh Sweat even recommended that NO work be done in the first quarter. “It literally doesn’t matter what you do with your life right now,” he said. “And it will probably suck later, but oh well.” Most of the time you’re going to be screwed and won’t be able pull yourself together, but hey, I guess that’s life, right?


“Losing sucks.” –Travis Rudolph




The FSU football team came to the definitive conclusion that losing isn’t all that fun. When asked what they would make their yearbook quote, Rudolph decided that “losing sucks” is something that everyone should hear and understand. “This has been really hard on us,” he admitted,“We’ve never had to go through anything like this.”


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you still won’t be a Gator.” –Jameis Winston




All of life’s aspirations should be based on the fact that we are not Florida Gator fans. So we haven’t had the best football season so far. Who cares? We’re not Gators. So you didn’t do well on your Stats exam this week. Who cares? You’re not a Gator. So your house caught on fire and you lost everything you loved. Who the hell cares? You’re not a Gator.


“Where am I?” –Derwin James




With the amount of hits each player gets during every game, some of the players, like defensive back Derwin James, are bound to have concussions. A lot of these concussions went unnoticed because of the *cough cough* questionable refereeing the players have seen this season. Therefore, the players have gone about living their lives with bad concussions and some built up bitterness, becoming accustomed to the constant blurriness and headaches.



“Always fight for what you believe in. Even if you get fined.” –Jimbo Fisher


Dec 31, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Florida State Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher at press conference at the L.A. Hotel Downtown in advance of the 2015 Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Jimbo is strong believer that you should work HARD for what you believe in. So hard, in fact, that you should not be afraid to get in trouble for it. Even if that means risking $20,000 for what you believe in. The more money you have to pay for what you believe in, the better. It’ll make you a stronger person in the end, right?


“The system is f***ed.” –Jimbo Fisher




After a $20,000 fine and a lot of passionate words, Jimbo made it clear that he doesn’t agree with what the refs did at the Clemson game. In fact, rarely does he agree with the refs. Jimbo’s entire life motto is that the system is totally f***ed up, and that everyone has been corrupted by money. Later on, Jimbo mentioned something about how the moon landing was fake.


“Bros before hoes.” –Jimbo Fisher




We all know that Jimbo loves his bros. Hell, loves his bros enough to live by that motto. Jimbo and Jameis were like two peas and a pod, and Jimbo defended his bro when some alleged hoes came forward and almost got in the way. Altogether, Jimbo loves his boys and says there’s no one better than them.



No, you can’t use shacking to justify being “technically homeless”:

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