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A Much More Accurate Version of the FSU Fight Song Now that Francois is Out for the Season

After a devastating loss to Alabama on Saturday and Deondre Francois being out for the season, FSU officials, meaning us at The Black Sheep met over the weekend to discuss potential changes to the Florida State fight song. The goal was to represent the atmosphere surrounding the football team in hopes of picking the students’ spirt once again. And boy, did we hit it on the nose.

The new lyrics can be read below, and you can follow along here:

You’ve got to cry, cry, cry, for FSU!
You’ve got to weep for ’em Seminoles!
You’ve got to drink, drink, cry, cry, pray for this game,
and tell yourself there’s always next year!
For FSU got taken off the field on a cart,
And at the battle’s end she’ll be at least 25th!
So cry, cry, weep, weep to victory!,
For Deondre there’s always next year!
(Say and YELL) A-L-W-A-Y-S-N-E-X-T-Y-E-A-R 2018, 2019, 2020! Whooooooo!

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