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Pit Of Quick Sand Opens On West Tennessee Street, Traffic Somehow Gets Faster

A leisurely drive in usual bumper-to-bumper traffic on West Tennessee Street took a turn for the worse last Thursday when a pit of quicksand opened up in the center of the Stadium Dr. & West Tennessee intersection.

No injuries were reported at the scene, however eyewitnesses report fearing for their lives. The quicksand was so quick that traffic actually sped up, sending cars flying down West Tennessee at a whopping high-speed record of 25 mph.

“Honestly, the thought of the quicksand swallowing the car and my imminent death wasn’t even my biggest concern,” says Lanie Jensen, a junior at Florida State University. “When the quicksand coated my tires and forced my car to accelerate over 5 MPH, I nearly lost control. I’ve never driven that fast on West Tennessee before – it was horrifying. I’m lucky I survived.”

The pit of quicksand has been covered and West Tennessee is back to being fully functional, according to local Tallahassee officials.

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