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A Resume Template Every FSU Student Could Use

It’s that time of year again, when classes end and instead of professors getting on your ass about assignments, your mom gets onto you about “money” and a “summer job.” Looking back on your time at FSU, you realize you have no real skills or experience, but don’t fret. There are a few things every Seminole can put on a resume that will impress even the toughest of critics.  

[Street Address]— [TallaNASTY], [State] [Postal Code]
Phone: [Your Phone] — Fax: [Your Fax] — E-Mail: [Your E-Mail]


B.S.      Big college you’ve probably heard about on ESPN regarding crab legs & a traitorous ex-coach


– Shot-gunned a Y-Bomb under extreme pressure in __ seconds


April 20 2017

– Got into a frat without knowing anyone there


March 2017

– Was drunk for ___ days straight and still functioned semi-properly


June – July 2016

– Featured on Old Row for _________________________________


February 2016

– Got into the bar when under 21


January 2015

 – Squirrel calls
– Extreme bar-hopping
– Dodging homeless people sorry not sorry
– Stalking people in parking garages sorry not sorry


– Laying pipe
– 2 for 1 margs
– Dartys
– Lululemon

Awards and Honors:

– Most Likely to Date a Convict – superlative award
– “Negative” – pregnancy test
– “Positive” – chlamydia (it’s curable!)

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