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Senior Misses Cutoff to Change Blackboard Password, Forced To Start College Over


About two weeks ago, all Florida State students were regrettably informed that they must change their password within the next 10 days due to a security measure taking place. Senior William Marshall has never been one to take warnings seriously.


William Spencer Marshall Jr. has always believed in the motto: YOLO. This is a phrase often spoken by youths, which stands for, “you only live once”. Young adults often say this when they are about to do something crazy or dangerous. It’s not hard to believe that William Spencer Marshall Jr. is a crazy man, because he ignored the warnings from Blackboard to change his password, and he paid the price.


“I’ve got one life to live. I didn’t want to spend my precious time changing my FSU blackboard password. I would rather die,” said Marshall when asked about the incident.


During his senior year, William went a full two weeks of ignoring the Blackboard warning messages before he realized he missed his chance. He tried to log into Blackboard but his password, which he admitted to The Black Sheep was “$uccess”, no longer worked. Only then did he realize that he had made a grave mistake. He lost access to all of his classes and all of his previous college credits, and was forced to start over from scratch. All of the previous tuition and minimal effort went down the drain.


“All of the sudden I started to regret my YOLO mentality,” admitted William, with a single tear running down his face. “After I was forced to start over, I realized that maybe you don’t only live once. Maybe you live twice.”


William, at the age of 22, is now a freshman again at Florida State University. He moved back into the dorms after the University informed him that his credits were no longer valid. Salley Hall was reluctant to let him move in after realizing he wasn’t a typical freshman, but eventually did after he threatened to sue the school multiple times for “deleting” his education.


He is now pursuing his degree and his major is undeclared.


“I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing. And my credits are probably just going to get deleted anyways, so back off haters,” said William as he scurried back to the dining hall with his new friends from the dorm.



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