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6 Surefire Signs of a Stage 5 Spring Break Clinger


And just like that, we’re back in Tallahassee. Spring Break flew by and you might be asking yourself, did it really even happen? Where did the time go? We here at The Black Sheep first and foremost want to let you know that yes, Spring Break happened and unfortunately, it’s over. However, the remnants of it are everywhere. Look around next time you’re in class and you’ll surely spot two or three of these lingering Spring Break side effects. 


6.) Severe sunburn:

How many times does your mother need to tell you to apply sunblock before it’ll sink in? There will always be that one kid in your class. Whether they were desperately trying to get a Spring Break glow or they’re just a ginger that was caught up in the harsh glow of the sun, these kids are easy to spot. They’ll crawl into class in pain. Even the slightest of movements contorts their face into cringes of agony. The severely sunburnt will be deep red and usually have some sort of bathing suit line. Oftentimes, they will have a nice distinction on their face thanks to their sunglasses. Next time you see this person, we dare you to give them a slap on the back and ask them about their vacation.


5.) Cornrows or beads in the hair:

A popular thing to do over Spring Break is take a cruise or trip to the tropics. These islands are beautiful destinations filled with their own cultures and lifestyles. While on Spring Break, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the customs of the locals. Sometimes, this goes a little too far. Decisions are made that seem fun and spontaneous at the time, but stand out like a sore thumb in Tallahassee. Be on the lookout for the sorority girl who took a trip to Costa Rica and came back with a fresh set of beaded hair. She’s out there. We promise you.


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4.) Still hungover:

Many will try to outdo each other on Spring Break. It’s right after a stressful week of midterms and everyone is ready to let off a little steam. However, a straight week of “letting off steam” adds up. The days build on each other and, next thing you know, you’re left with a weeks worth of abuse to your body. There will always be a kid in your class that spent their week of resting doing anything but resting. They’ll be dead tired and possibly still beating off a weeks worth of margarita meal deals.


3.) They can’t stop talking about it:

You and your class acquaintance after the break will definitely swap Spring Break stories. It’s classic small talk. Just be ready and aware that, once you open that door, anyone in the class might use the opportunity to jump into conversation. They’ll overhear you and won’t be able to contain themselves as they dive into stories about how much better their break was than yours. It’s annoying; and unfortunately there isn’t much you can do besides grin and bear it. They’ll tire themselves out eventually. If not, there’s only like five weeks of classes left. How long could they go on?


2.) They’re editing their pictures in class:

Did you even really go on Spring Break if you didn’t take pictures? Many are already gearing up for future TBTs on social media. Classmates will definitely use the allotted lecture time to go over their pictures from break and search for the best ones to post at a later date. After finding the picture where their selfie stick was at a perfect angle, they’ll begin editing the picture with such precision, you’ll truly believe they may be a professional. This will go on for some time, as there are literally thousands of beach selfies and group pictures that need to be sorted.


1.) Souvenirs (Fat Tuesday Mugs):

T-shirts from the Bahamas, ironic coffee mugs, key chains, and, of course, cups from “Fat Tuesday” will all make an appearance in one of your large lecture halls. These serve as little reminders that Spring Break happened. These things hold a relevancy now being the week after break but, as the semester drags on, they lose meaning. When it’s finals week and a kid walks in wearing a shirt saying, “Royal Caribbean Cruise 2016,” you can’t help but wonder if, at this point, they’re just clinging to something.


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