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Strozier to Offer Blind Dating Service for the Nerds Who Need It

This year, for the second time ever, Strozier is offering something unique and exciting– a blind dating service. Students swipe in at 8 p.m. sharp, and they’ll be directed over to a variety of potential suitors. Lining the shelves of the first floor are books disguised in wrapping paper, waiting for the perfect person to take them on a spin around Tallahassee.

Rapper and apparent nerd Childish Gambino traveled to FSU for last year’s Blind Book Date: “But beware this shit is potent, E. E. Cumming on her face, now its poetry in motion,” said Gambino. “I’ve never loved poetry more than I do now.”

Three qualities describing each candidate will be listed on the wrapping paper for nerds to choose from, such as “Romantic. Dragon Slayer. Loves coffee.” and “Hilarious. Mama’s Boy. Easy to read.” The dater pursuing a new lover can choose what they look for in a partner, and through a wild algorithm Strozier dating experts have conjured up, will walk away with a book of ideal qualities.

“I didn’t think blind dating could actually work, but I found the one and I owe it all to Strozier,” said veteran nerd and Blind Date with a Book user Marty Sants, who swears by her pairing with William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. “I’d always looked past this book in school, thinking I was too advanced for it, but now I know that it’s the book of my dreams. Plus, I always knew I had a kink for cannibalism. Thanks Strozier!”

Roman Tick, a rep for Strozier, tries his best to unite the FSU community through Blind Date with a Book each year.

“We didn’t realize the impact our blind dating service would have on nerds, but we’re glad we could set them up and help their love lives in some capacity. We figured no one deserves to be alone on Valentine’s Day and we’re actually expecting a larger turn out this year than last year. Let’s hope we don’t run out of books!”

As a wise ethics professor at FSU once said, “Everyone has a soul mate.” Now, hoards of nerds can confirm this statement thanks to Blind Date with a Book.

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