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Suwannee Dining Room’s Greatest Hits Out Now!

The Suwannee Dining Room is a popular destination for FSU students who live on campus. That is to say, the Suwannee Dining Room is a popular destination for freshmen. What’s not to like about it? If you have a meal plan the dining hall is a place where you can eat to your heart’s content, meet with friends, and listen to the same few songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Sodexo and The Black Sheep have joined forces to release Suwannee’s Greatest Hits: a 10-song compilation album of the best jams ever played five times a day on the dining hall’s speakers. Now YOU can listen to songs like…

10.) “Life is a Highway” — Rascal Flatts:
Let Rascal Flatts add a little kachow to your music taste. Straight from the movie Cars, Rascal Flatts’ version of Tom Cochrane’s country rock classic makes a stellar experience on Greatest Hits.

9.) “All Star” — Smash Mouth:
Get out of my swamp! Get into my dining hall instead. Either way, no compilation album could ever be complete with Smash Mouth’s Shrek masterpiece. Legend has it that every time this song plays, students in the room mumble the lyrics between panini crumbs and pink lemonade.

8.) “Pocketful of Sunshine” — Natasha Bedingfield:
Natasha Bedingfield’s 2008 chart-topper is usually reserved for the likes of feel-good movies and Kidz Bop covers, but now, it’s found its place among a set of equally legendary music. After hearing this enough times, you’ll really be begging someone to take you away.

7.) “Beat it” — Michael Jackson:
It’s no surprise that a song from the #1 album of all time would land on the #1 compilation album of all time. 1984’s Beat It is a gang-banger (not like that!) that’ll have audiences from any dining hall playing air guitar during Eddie van Halen’s solo.

6.) “Raspberry Beret” — Prince:
Prince is right at home on Greatest Hits, an album full of music royalty. There is simply no better time to listen to a dazzling tale of psychedelic lust than while stuffing three slices of bacon bit pizza down your throat.

5.) “A Thousand Miles” — Vanessa Carlton:
AND I NEED YOU! AND I MISS YOU! AND NOW I WONDER… Okay, you’re no Terry Crews in White Chicks, but you sure can belt along to this 2002 smash hit by one-hit wonder Vanessa Carlton. Hold on tight, because the walk back to your residence hall after Suwannee really is a thousand miles.

4.) “Smooth” — Santana ft. Rob Thomas:
Carlos Santana and his eponymous band tried to make a comeback at the turn of the century. Although they deviated from their Latin rock roots, Santana’s duet with Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas is a shoo-in for the Greatest Hits.

3.) “Waiting on the World to Change” — John Mayer:
Suwannee’s favorite boy toy takes us back to 2006 with “Waiting on the World to Change”. Let his raspy high notes mix with the taste of greasy pizza, and you’re in for a treat.

2.) “P.Y.T.” — Michael Jackson:
Michael Jackson’s Thriller is making a second appearance on Greatest Hits with “P.Y.T.” This upbeat song will have you singing, dancing, and skipping the line for french fries.

1.) “Drops of Jupiter” — Train:
What would Suwannee’s Greatest Hits be without the song that’s played the most? Not only will you hear “Drops of Jupiter” in Suwannee twice during every meal, but you’ll often hear it played on the Union Dining speakers as well. Train’s music is perfect for elevators, romantic comedies, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Suwannee’s Greatest Hits officially hits the shelves next Monday. Make sure to get your hands on one, because this one’ll fly off the shelves even faster than those cheeseburgers fly through your digestive tract.

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