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Taggart-Ball News: Me & The Boys After Some BBall Against Miami

Ah, another slam dunk. Nice one, boys.

The Figg dining hall is lonely today as I sit here eating my Fruit Loops and watching the ball game from the complimentary television. It’s quiet, but not too sad. The perfect conditions for some Satipatthana.

Basketball: another FSU sport we Seminoles have all come to love. And boy, do I love sports. Watching this game reminds me of my days coaching football on the field. Swish, swish, and away they go! Good travels boys, good travels. Keep up the dribble. Attaboy. 

It’s almost as if they’re flying, the boys, through time and space as we know it. Time being the scoreboard and space being the court. I’m a half court kinda guy myself.

Time, like basketball, even like football, is just a manmade construct designed to remind us of our mortality. But this Willie won’t fall for that doohickey. This Willie lives forever. 

Oh, look at them running to that end zone. Alley-oop, bank shot, lay-up, oh my! Rebound for days.

Double dribbles are God-given metaphors for hesitation. Don’t second guess yourself, kid, you’re an ace. 

Travel, travel, travel, yes! Watch that elbow, boys. Oh how I wish I was young again, running around spitting free throws and tobacco on weekdays, and using the internet to date women on weekends.

Ah, it’s time to do The Chop again. I like to imagine my arm as a high-carbon steel butter knife, cutting the wind with my sharp motions and making it fly toward my basketball boys. A bit of wind is always lucky.

Good game, boys, good game.

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