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Point/Counterpoint: Should Teams Be Allowed to Be a Little Racist When it Comes to Mascots?

The Cleveland Indians announced on Monday that they will drop Chief Wahoo from their uniforms in 2019, becoming the first major sports team to drop a logo that some had considered racist and insensitive. Yet, in major sports leagues and collegiate sport teams across the country, logos seen as culturally insensitive are still in use. Is there a right answer here? We asked both sides: Should sports teams get a free pass with the whole racism thing?

Point: It’s a tradition, just like this country is a bedrock for not letting in people from shitholes:
Listen up, commies — Chief Wahoo is a American tradition, just like 96 oz. Diet Cokes at truck stops and the inclusion of church and state. Are you honestly telling me that a crudely-colored depiction of a Native American with a feather for a hat named “Wahoo” is racist? Geesh! Get some thick skin, get the hell off my lawn, and get your well-rounded views away from me before I catch it! 

Counterpoint: Sure, it’s a tradition, but like, we’re a country founded with racism riding shotgun:
Hey, Chief Wahoo, Osceola — they’re an ode to the Native Americans who were here long before white settlers came and killed and pillaged their villages, but their depictions by the teams that use them are so so so racist. Chief Wahoo skin color is literally red, playing into a racial slur for Native Americans. At Florida State, we don’t have a racist mascot anymore (now it’s a “symbol”), and instead have Cimarron, the fucking cutest horse ever. Can’t we embrace this little guy, once and for all?

Point: I have a Chief Wahoo hat and a FSU Osceola t-shirt — you expect me to just give those up?: 
Try and take them both off my egg-shaped head and my mildly-obese torso and see how that ends up for you, fucking commie. I paid real American currency for these things and if you think you can just come up in here, call me a racist, and take my clothes to the Hillary Rodham Clinton’s prison cell (one can dream!), you got another thing coming to you! 

Counterpoint: No one said anything about taking your clothes?: 
Did I miss something? I thought we were talking about how sports teams inadvertently propagate racism through the depiction of their mascots? No one’s taking your clothes, but it’s probably not a good thing if you retire those things to the bottom dresser drawer. 

Point: I will defend the things that upset others until the day I go: 
You, me, a goddamn ballpark, gridiron or wherever the hell you to go: I will defend the things I love and cherish deeply and forever with no regard for how other may view them till the day my casket is being transported to the Robert E. Lee Cemetery in the trunk of Dukes of Hazzard-style Dodge Charger (as it’s written, verbatim, in my will). CLEVELAND, TALLAHASSEE, LISTEN UP — I’M DRIVING TO YOU RIGHT NOW AND WE WILL DEFEND THIS THING TOGETHER.

Counterpoint: Goddammit, there’s no way I’m convincing this guy: 
I’m not going to win this shit. Final words: racism is bad, racist logos are bad, and teams with racist logos are racist and bad. Can’t we all just call sports teams the Golden Knights, Seahawks, or Cubs, and call it a fucking day?


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