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Territorial Bros Growl And Circle Weight Rack At The Leach When Unfamiliar Girl Approaches

An incident occurred Friday at the Leach when an unfamiliar female gym attendant approached the free weight zone considered to be strictly male territory by male members of the pack.

The bros closest to the weight rack were said to have dropped onto all fours, growling and snarling at the female pack member when she reached for a weight.

Jim Morrison, a local wildlife expert, has said of the incident, “It is not uncommon for bros to become territorial when a female approaches the free weight section of the gym. As this is uncommon for a female pack member, they tend to become defensive until this becomes a more common practice. They may even eventually offer unsolicited fitness advice to the female after they have become more comfortable.”

Leach employees hope that this incident is not one that becomes recurring, as it has created tension throughout the males’ space.

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