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The Top 5 Hidden Bathrooms at FSU


There are legends of bathrooms on campus that are so hidden and so clean that you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. These hidden bathrooms have bewildered students over the years, and only a lucky few have stumbled across them in their time. We set out on a quest to find some of these hidden gems. Here’s what we found.


5.) Student Union Plaza:




Near the entrance to the student Union, hidden in plain sight, is a masterful and relatively quiet bathroom. Although it’s bigger than a one stall bathroom, this restroom has the ability to lock. It’s perfect for those who can’t perform under pressure. And to think, it’s been right under your nose this whole time.



4.) Moore Auditorium:




This is another unique and isolated bathroom in the middle of a high traffic area. Enter Moore Auditorium and, in the lobby, you’ll find a gender-neutral bathroom (part of an ongoing campus initiative). This stall is a perfect little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the student union. It’s also a great hiding spot if you’ve got a class in Moore and need to kill some time.



3.) Ruby Diamond Lobby:




Looking for a 5-Star, high-class pooping experience? Ruby Diamond is the place for you. A historic building that dates back to the founding of our University, Ruby Diamond doesn’t hold back in regality. This goes for your bathroom experience as well. Upon stepping into the lobby bathroom, you’re immediately transported to a country club lounge, complete with the bells and whistles like fancy soaps and swinging wooden doors. It’s a bit of a trek out to Ruby Diamond but if you make it there, you’ll feel like a king on his throne.



2.) William Johnston (Third Floor):




Tucked away in the back corner of William Johnston is this little oasis. For those congregating in Johnston for a study group, this is the place to go. While you’re working, if you’ve got to make a movement, simply just pretend to take a phone call and travel up to the third floor. It’s a very isolated bathroom and is always in pristine condition. No need to hold it in anymore while studying for that economics midterm!



1.) Reynolds Hall Bathroom:




This one charts the top of our list because it is legitimately a bath-room. You can take a bath here! On campus! What? Yes, if you’re able to sneak into Reynolds hall and venture to the second floor, you’ll find what we believe to be one of campuses best kept secrets. It’s a single stall bathroom with lock-capability. If you can bring your own towel and other toiletries, this bath is ready to go. Who doesn’t want to go to the bathroom and then take a relaxing dip? So next time you pull an all nighter at Strozier, head over to Reynolds and wash up before your 8:00 a.m.



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