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Top 7 Positive Traits You’ll Earn from Proctoring Teacher Evaluations


Many students have a negative perception on those who chose to be teacher evaluation proctors. Some think they’re nerds, some think they’re teacher pets, and others think they were forced into the situation with strong arm tactics. But, did you know that studies have found that these seven traits can be found in those who chose to be a teacher evaluation proctor by the end of the semester?


7.) Tenacity:
If you’re willing to stand in front of a classroom and order an entire class to either destroy or enhance your teacher’s life, then you clearly have a good grip on life. That grip is important when heading out into the job world. After all, if you can’t handle a teacher evaluation, how will you handle whatever meaningless and menial job you’ll surely end up getting?


6.) Felicity:
You can’t be happy without fulfillment, and if you’re in college then you’re likely not fulfilled. Luckily, proctoring a teacher evaluation is enough to give you said fulfillment, which then leads you to absolute felicity.


5.) Assertion:
When you’re the teacher evaluation proctor, everyone in the class must listen to you. There is no teacher any more, no order, no law. It’s up to you to make sure there is still structure in the classroom, and you can’t very well do that if you’re a wimp. Assertion is important in life, don’t let people stomp it out of you. Take control and become a teacher evaluation proctor.


4.) Creativity:
Somebody’s got to write all the class information on the board in a visually interesting way, otherwise no one will do the evaluation! According to studies, being a teacher evaluation proctor helps you master color theory because you’re working with so many colored markers that could be faded and not working, it’ll be down to you to creatively use what you have to make an appealing visual on the board. Here’s a few successful creatives who became successful after being teacher evaluation proctors: Picasso, Steven Spielberg, Barry Jenkins, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DaVinci, the list goes on.


3.) Compassion:
It’s easy to not have any empathy just writing your teacher evaluations, but once you’re in the position of proctoring for them, you begin to see things in a different light. You see all the students writing to their hearts’ content about the teacher that you’ve hated all year, and you feel something. You feel that the teacher you just banished from their room is actually a real person and maybe they don’t deserve your abuse. It’s at this point that your heart grows a little fonder.


2.) Integrity:
What are you going to do when given absolute power? You could do anything with those teacher evaluations you just proctored, you could burn them, use them as toilet paper, whatever. Yet you chose to take them to the nearest FSU office. That takes integrity, and integrity is important for your future.


1.) Comradeship:
As it is well known that the teacher evaluation was founded in Communist Russia, the birthplace of brotherly love and comradery. So is it a big surprise that it would rub off on you. Once you realize that all teacher evaluations are scored the same, it’s easy to see the experience as a brotherly bonding experience.


All in all, being a teacher evaluation proctor might be the best experience you can have for getting jobs after college, except for internships, education, and real connections of course. So next time your teacher pulls out the evaluations and tiny pencils, make sure your hand is the first to shoot up.




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