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Ugh, You’ll Never Guess Who Ruined My Spring Break!!!

Yeah you heard me. One minute I was enjoying my spring break– lounging on the couch, binge-watching Queer Eye, eating Funfetti mix outta the box with my clean hand– the next, I was scrambling to write an article for The Black Sheep!!! It was the last night, but they ruined my spring break! WARNING: If you’re thinking about applying for The Black Sheep, you have to remember to write ARTICLES. Ugh!

And if you’re wondering how exactly The Black Sheep ruined my spring break, well here’s HOW, listed in descending order:

6.) I was so busy preparing to write this article, I had to eat a measly bowl of CEREAL for dinner. And guess what? I forgot the CEREAL:

Some dinner!

5.) I PLANNED on going outdoors but INSTEAD I sat down and wrote this article, AND it was raining!:

4.) I was GOING to listen to music, maybe SZA, but I remembered I can’t FOCUS on writing an article while LISTENING to MUSIC:

Silence is BORING.

3.) I was goNNA moisturize my chapped HANdS, but I didn’t want to slip on the KEYBOARD and INJURE MYSELF:
I guess I’ll have to type ’til my knuckles bleed!

2.) Similar SITUATION– I thought about repainting my nails, but NO:

This ruins EVERYTHING.

1.) I was gonna drink a MANGORITA, but I didn’t HAVE one. AND I had to write an ARTICLE:
Are you KIDDING me?!

Yeah so if you thought The Black Sheep didn’t ruin my spring break, you thought WRONG.

Oh hey, listen and subscribe to Talk of Shame:

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