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5 Others Things You Wish You Could Drop this UF Drop Week

Drop/Add week is a sign to UF students that they don’t have to show up for class. Unless the student is concerned as to whether a class is too much to handle, the week is a symbol of an extra five days of freedom. That being said, how great would it be if other parts of our life had a drop/add period? Oh, is that little thing troubling you right now? DROPPED. Try it. You’ll soon be drunk with the drop power.

Parking Citations:
Parking on campus at UF is perilous and unforgiving. Try to park at Rawlings for longer than a day and a citation will bite you in the ass—even if you have that nice, shiny orange decal. The parking attendants exist to make our lives more difficult. Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and drop all of those $25 tickets from our life. Thanks.

Waiting in Line at Library West Starbucks:
If you like hitting Starbucks on your way to class after a Club West hangover, then you know how soul-crushingly long this line can get. You refuse to get marked late for class just because a bunch of other students decided to overnight at lib with you. It’s in your best interest to dump the wait. Like, you tried it and it just didn’t work out. Just make sure to cut the line so you can still get your caffeine hit.

People Walking on the Wrong Side of the Sidewalk:
Now we all understand that the sidewalk doesn’t have hard and fast rules like the road. But it’s a pretty universal rule to walk on the right side of the sidewalk—just like a car drives on the right side of the street (this is not Britain, people!). Despite that, walking around campus becomes a game where you have to juke around students like a running back. As much as we would all love to be Jordan Scarlett, we’re going to pass. Dropped like a bad habit (or panties in a frat house).

Awkward Eye Contact:
You’re walking towards the Swamp when you see a person coming from afar. Maybe you wouldn’t call yourselves “friends” so much as acquaintances. That moment of panic sets in: do you say hi? Do you make eye contact? Do you stop? That hesitation was all it took to create awkward eye contact as you pass each other. Everyone can absolutely live without that. Drop it. 

Ill-Timed Assignments:
Professors assign inconvenient due dates (think, “due Thursday at midnight”)—but you know they didn’t intend to cut into your social life, so it’s easily forgiven. But then there’s the power trip due date. The professor assigns a deadline maliciously in an attempt to dictate your life. These include holding an optional final exam review the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or the shitload of exams that slam us all during Homecoming week. We might be going out on a limb here, but dropping those horrendous due dates is the right move.

Sure, you dropped plenty of classes this past week but, the next time an inconvenience grates on your nerves, all you need to think about is how easily you could drop it from your life.

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