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5 Reasons to Be Thankful You Don’t Go to FSU

Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate the tradition of coming together to reflect on all the things we’re thankful for especially when it comes to the age-old UF FSU rivalry. As Gators, it’s time to reflect on the six reasons we’re thankful we don’t go to FSU.

5.) Winter is Coming:
A game changer for a lot of people who grew up in Florida (i.e. the majority of students at both schools) is the inability to handle the cold. Try as we might, making the switch from an iced coffee to hot coffee, or iced tea to hot tea is a lot harder than it sounds. Not to mention that when we’re out in cold weather, we basically shut down. It’s like growing up as a reptile where you need warm weather to function—it really makes the gator a symbolic mascot. FSU can get icy and a little bit snowy, whereas it only gets a tad chilly at UF, making Gville a huge win for Gators.

4.) Academia:
Both UF and FSU rank among the top three in the state (s/o UMiami holding it down at two) which is pretty solid. But, there can only be one holding the top spot and UF is firmly entrenched. Sure, grades and academic rigor only mean as much as you can leverage through networking, but being able to respond obnoxiously with, “SCOREBOARD,” is priceless.

3.) Location, Location, Location:
You may be wondering why Gators would be thankful for the first three rules of real estate, but it’s quite simple: UF is pretty centrally located in the state of Florida when compared to FSU. This means that every road trip, job interview, or drive home has a great chance of being shorter when Gainesville is the point of departure. That might not seem significant at first, but those miles add up and we’re thankful for our location.

2.) The Gators are in the SEC:
At the end of the day, the Gators should be thankful they play in the most dominant conference in college football; meanwhile, the Seminoles toil away in mediocrity of the ACC. When the ‘Noles win the ACC, there are always questions about how good they really are for besting the likes of Duke, BC and UMiami (sadly, they haven’t been good in a decade). When the Gators win the SEC it means that they fought through the bloodbath that is ‘Bama, LSU, UGA and friends.

1.) The Mascot:
When you really think about it, the alligator is a certified badass. The ‘gator is a ruthlessly efficient, apex predator that hasn’t changed in any significant way in millions of years. The alligator wasn’t even bothered by the KT extinction that wiped away 3/4 of all life on the planet. Humans (because a Seminole is a human) weren’t exactly around then, but odds are that a meteor impact would have dropped our species like a bad habit while the alligators were just doing their thing, unfazed.

UF 5, FSU 0. Sounds like a great the time to plaster #itsgreatUF all over social media.

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